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A Veterans Memorial we can be proud of
I would like to thank Bailey Eickhoff for the Veterans Memorial project he did at Montevideo City Hall.

As his Eagle Scout project he raised money from various organizations to make our Flags of Honor and Veterans Memorial at city hall something to be very proud of.

From a Vietnam veteran, I want to say thank you for the time you spent to make this Veterans Memorial something our community can be very proud of.

Veterans and all residents of Montevideo should stop and take a walk around this Veterans Memorial. I travel through many states and see many Veterans Memorials in communities, and this one ranks right at the top.

—Doug Broich

Brookside Manor is a gem
I recently spent several days as a guest at Brookside Manor while visiting my father.

He is quite lucky to be living in a place with such caring and personable staff, great food and good accomodations.

I have experienced many such settings, and it is the best so far, Monte is fortunate to have a gem like Brookside Manor in its midst and such great cooks.

—David Larson
San Antonio, Texas