Merry Christmas! I think that covers 99.9 percent of our readers.

Merry Christmas! I think that covers 99.9 percent of our readers.

For those among our readers who are Jewish, and I know there are a few of you out there, Happy Hanukkah! although Christmas and Hanukkah are not remotely similar.

And though it is very unlikely that we have any Druids among our readers, I will say Happy Winter Solstice just to cover that base.

And for the Jehovah’s Witnesses who read the American-News, a simple Happy Holidays will have to do since I know you do not celebrate Christmas.

And a Joyous Kwanzaa to those who celebrate that holiday, although I do not personally know anyone who does. But that isn’t the point.

And if I want to reach back far enough, I guess I could throw out a Happy Saturnalia! to any who still celebrate that ancient Roman holiday. The early church fathers certainly weren’t opposed to appropriating the holiday for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

What I am getting at here is that a lot of religions and cultures celebrate at this time of the year. They may not be celebrating the same thing, but that does not make their holidays any less special to them.

The key word here is holidays, a minor corruption of holy days.
For those Christians who take umbrage at those who wish them a generic Happy Holidays instead of a Merry Christmas, I suggest they take it in stride and consider the sentiment behind it.

I would suggest no one is declaring war on Christianity by not saying Merry Christmas.

Perhaps it would be well if we all emulated Tiny Tim, who said in Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” “God bless us, every one!”