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Does CURE have the data?
 Reading the Feb. 2 “cheaper cleaner power options” letter, I get the impression the author wants to shut down the coal fired power plants at Big Stone and Hoot Lake unless they convert to natural gas for the following reasons:

1. Coal prices are forecast to significantly rise in the coming years and so protect customer and investor pocketbooks.

2. To protect public health.
And so I have a few questions for the man from CURE:

• On what data do you base item 1?

• Do you have data on the pollution control equipment that Otter Tail plans on installing at those power plants? And what is the quantity of pollutants that will be released into the air after the equipment is installed?

• What are the health risks to us, due to pollutants after the upgrades to the power plants are finished?

As the energy consultant and policy analyst for Clean Up the River Environment (CURE), I hope you can enlighten us on these issues.

—Phil Drietz

Dam removal is right thing to do
I want to thank the Chippewa County Commissioners for their decision not to join the joint powers agreement with Yellow Medicine County and the Granite Falls City Council.

Chippewa County Commissioners portrayed both fiscal responsibility and environmental integrity by making this decision.

Chippewa County is a place where people can be proud to live. Chippewa County’s  recreational and tourism opportunities revolve around the Minnesota River. The Minnesota River has received national and international recognition.

This is not the time to compromise the gains in environmental quality, which are being achieved in Chippewa County.

This is not to say that development and private industry aren’t important in Chippewa County, but private gain should not be achieved at public expense, or by compromising public environmental quality.

—Del Wehrspann

Let’s have ‘fair’ election process
A?question I want to ask you. Why wouldn’t you want your candidate of choice to have a “fair” chance of being elected?

A?voter ID will enable the direct result of a fair election. Is it inconvenient for people to pull out their wallet and show their ID?

We have to do that for many other things. I don’t see what the big deal is when we are dealing with voter fraud in this state.
—Hugh Bergeland

Preserve the dam
Perhaps the best solution for the Minnesota Falls Dam would be for east Granite Falls (the site of Granite Falls Energy) and Granite Falls Township (the site of the dam) to secede from Chippewa County,  and seek annexation into Yellow Medicine County.   

 At least the Yellow Medicine County Commissioners and the Granite Falls city officials are  
supportive and open-minded enough to look into ways to preserve the Minnesota Falls Dam, as it provides a water source for Granite Falls Energy, is a great recreation area, and in the future, a possible source of hydroelectric power.

—Larry Danielson