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Assault on First Amendment
President Obama’s recent assault on our First Amendment protection of freedom of religion has caused quite a backlash.  

Naturally, much of the media and other supporters of our imperial president have cleverly turned it into an argument about “women’s health” and contraception.  The anger from all freedom-loving Americans has absolutely nothing to do with contraception; it is about the unconstitutionality of forcing a company to provide anything for free.  

Why not free insulin or free blood pressure medication? Because it’s not about health, it’s about the power this president is gaining and how many more liberties we are losing.  It’s also an easy way for Mr. Obama’s supporters to divert attention from his actual record.  

This president has made a lot of promises. When he was inaugurated, he swore to uphold and defend the Constitution; he has not.  

He basically views Congress as a road block, not a part of the balance of power. His “recess” appointments made while the Senate was not in recess, using the excuse that he couldn’t wait for Congress to act, was a blatant violation of the Constitution.   

This power doesn’t belong to the president; it’s destructive to the Senate’s right of advice and consent. He also promised to fundamentally transform our nation; that he has. Do you fundamentally transform a vintage car or do you restore it? We need to restore our representative republic to the principles that made it great.

To truly understand how dangerous this president is, you only need to listen closely to what he says and then watch what he does.

By trampling on religious liberties the president has given us a taste of the consequences of his power grab. If this goes unchecked, there will be further consequences and we could hand our children a nation like Venezuela, Cuba, or any other nation run by a dictator.  

—Patty Hahn