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Thank you, Perfect Paws
We would like to express our gratitude to Mary and the staff at Perfect Paws Rescue & Grooming.

We recently adopted a wonderful rescue dog from Perfect Paws. We took home a loving dog who was happy, healthy, well-adjusted and even freshly bathed.

Mary is obviously committed to helping these dogs find loving homes. We look forward to many rewarding years with our new best friend and wish Perfect Paws many successful adoptions in the future.

—Dana & Cathy Trumm
Aberdeen, S.D.

A season to remember
I would guess the boys that played in the section tournament were really disappointed when they lost to Redwood, and I know the fans were, too. A few questionable calls at the end of the game may have cost them a chance at going to the state tournament.

From this fan’s perspective, I was impressed with the effort that the team put forth all season. They worked hard and gave their best effort at all times. We saw players time after time, diving for a ball even though they may have been ahead by 20 points.

I was fortunate to watch every game they played this year, and it was a great season from start to the finish, with many exciting moments. We can be very proud of the way this group of players played this year and the past years. They represented Montevideo well as a team, in good sportsmanship, and as good citizens.

You provided many hours of outstanding entertainment for large numbers of fans that followed you wherever you played.

So, congratulations on a great season!

—Jerry and Dixie Tilden

Thanks for your support
We would like to thank the community for all the support you have given us through the years. Many of you have been coming to our games since our days with traveling team basketball and we really appreciate your support.  

It is an amazing feeling to hear the cheers from a gym full of fans and we thank you for that. We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to represent this awesome community.

Thank you.

—Seniors of the Montevideo boys basketball team: Colton Vien, Brett Bergeson, Jake Douglas, Phillip Ward, Kyle TeBeest, Austin Hoehne, Brett Erickson, Derek Rodeberg and Grant Tufto

Is this the USA?
David Bergeson’s letter in the March15th edition of Monte’s American-News was fantastic.   To his point, we are turning into a regulation nation; the tyranny on display is alarming.  

Here are just three examples: the IRS is auditing about 90 Tea Party groups, the Catholic Church is being investigated for money laundering, the Department of Labor is again pressing for a regulation prohibiting kids15 years of age or younger from working on their own family farms.  

Tea Parties peacefully assemble to voice grievances and aren’t going away, so they’re being tied up financially to force them to go away.  

The Catholic Church stood up to an edict ignoring religious freedom so it’s being bullied to shut up and sit down.  

If farmers can’t depend on their children to help, they may be faced with financial burdens, such a burden could force them to sell their farms to investors or corporations with lobbying power not held by family farmers.  

OK, so you’re not a Tea Party member, a Catholic or a farmer. How does this affect you?  Ask yourself “who’s next?”  The government is using intimidation to silence dissent; when they control everything including our food supply, we’ll be afraid to stand up for our rights.  Is this the USA or the old USSR?

Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism. Thomas Jefferson

Citizens, please read our Declaration of Independence.  Take special note of a few reasons for that unanimous Declaration of the 13 united States of America: “He has refused his assent to laws …” “…. refused to pass laws for the accommodation of large districts of people ….”

“…. has erected a multitude of new offices ….” “….combined with others to subject us to foreign jurisdiction ….” (UN, NATO) “….. imposing taxes on us without our consent ….” “… excited domestic insurrections …” (Occupy Wall Street).    

These remarks by our founders about the King of Great Britain easily apply to our current President.
—Patty Hahn