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Thanks from grateful visitors
I want to thank everyone in our great time of medical need for my wife when we passed through your community the other day.

 From Pam and the friendly staff at Subway, to the police officers and EMT staff that arrived very quickly to our call for help. Then there were the nurses and staff at the hospital, Pastor Tim, Doctor K, and everyone who helped us. There are too many to name and I don’t want to forget anyone, but thanks.

It’s nice to know that when you are in a time of need, that a small-town family can receive great care from other small- town folks. Again, many thanks and gratitude, you don’t know how much that means to our family.

With great sincerity,

—Justin, Cathryn and Hannah Ellenson
Aberdeen, S.D.

Veterans home still a goal here
Montevideo is truly a “veteran friendly community” to be proud of.                                                   

On March 21, Montevideo was well represented at a Finance Committee hearing at the state capital.

Once again, we were testifying and promoting our plan to have a veterans home built here.  With assistance from Rep. Lyle Koenen and the late Sen. Gary Kubly, Montevideo continues to   have a strong presence in the considerations for a new Minnesota veterans home.

Mayor Debra Lee Fader introduced Montevideo’s contingent which included City Manager Steve Jones, Assistant City Manager for Community Development Nick Haggenmiller, City Councilman Marv Garbe, Veterans Service Officer Tim Kolhei, and myself.  

The following veterans were also in attendance and deserve a special thank you for representing our area vets and showing their strong support; Don Lofthus, Jule Ost, Delos Gulden, Stan Folkestad, Jack Knothe, Curt Hanson, Harry Bruns, Merlyn Hanson and Lyle Henning.  

We testified as to the history of Montevideo’s proposal and the urgent need of the growing and aging veteran population.   Currently, Minnesota can provide nursing home beds for only less than 1 percent of  our  veterans.   

We are ready to fill that need.  Steve Jones and Nick Haggen­miller have spent countless hours preparing an impressive proposal which was given to all members of the State Finance Committee.

Be assured that  Montevideo will continue to pursue and support a veterans home here. We will not lose sight of this important goal to honor and serve our veterans.  

Many thanks to all who  support our “veteran friendly community.”

—Dennis Anderson
Chippewa County Commissioner, Montevideo