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Providing soil stewardship
For over 50 years, the Chippewa Soil and Water Conservation District has reminded you that each of us has a connection to its natural resources.

Each year, the Chippewa SWCD has observed and celebrated Soil Stewardship Week. The 2012 Stewardship Week theme is “soil to spoon” and will be observed the week of April 29 through May 6.

Soil is the starting foundation of all of the food we eat. Locally, making the connection back to the soil, where our food gets its start, is so important.

The next time you sit down to a meal, take a minute to think about where your food comes from and the farmers who help produce it. As they work to produce food for the growing population, today’s farmers are dedicated to using responsible land-management practices to ensure a sustainable food supply and healthy land and soil for future generations.

This year, as in the past, the Chippewa SWCD will be providing soil stewardship materials to local churches that can be used during the observance.

—Jean Diggins
Chippewa SWCD

School safety
You will soon see middle school students wearing orange vests, holding stop signs as they will be involved in Safety Patrol at MMS.  

As part of our efforts to increase the safety of all students, we will be initiating a new drop off procedure for parents who bring their children to school. Only buses will be allowed to drive on the curved horseshoe road in front of MMS before and after school. The new change will require parents to enter into the parking lot and drop off their student at the cross walk across from the principal’s doors or the superintendent’s doors.  

MMS Safety Patrol will assist students when crossing the cross walk and will direct cars to enter the parking lot using the correct procedure. Parents must read the new signs upon entering the school area and follow the orange cones to guide them until this becomes routine procedure.  

Signs will also be posted on William Avenue (south side) that will read “No Parking.”  No parking will be allowed after school on the south side of the road (the side of the Baptist church) to prevent students from darting across the busy street to catch a ride. Parents are asked to pick up their child after school by parking along 21st Street S.; the cul-de-sac by the east end back door; or in the MMS parking lot parked in a parking spot.

Law enforcement officers will be assisting with the new procedures. Selected grade 5 students will be serving the Safety Patrol role this spring. Next fall, both fifth- and sixth-grade students will be a part of the MMS Safety Patrol.  

Students selected for Safety Patrol must meet criteria of having a teacher recommend them, maintain C’s or better on their report card, have excellent citizenship, good attendance at school and be responsible. All Safety Patrol students will be fully trained prior to their first day “on the job.” An advisor will be with the students at all times in the mornings before school.

Please welcome our new procedures and our new Safety Patrol students. A safe school is a great place to be!

—Brenda Vatthauer
MMS Principal

Wants to be accurately quoted
I was at the Clara City city council meeting this April and I know what I said. However, after reading the article about the meeting in the Clara City Herald and what was reported therein, it seems the reporter couldn’t have been at the same meeting as I.  It was stated in the article, “Curtis declined the offer saying that his petitioners are not interested in any future community planning, only in complaining about things that are going on today.”

That is absolutely not true. There were six audio recordings and two  video recordings going at that meeting and after listening to and viewing all of them, I can say that what was printed in the Herald was absolutely not said. I'm not surprised, because any and all stories that have been printed about me personally or my companies are very one-sided. The Herald should want to present both sides of the story but they have never once asked what my business, Speedy Pallet Co. Inc.,  or myself have actually had to say during these events (the meeting and the lawsuits). We were never asked why we put up such a fight with the city before we moved the pallets and moved out of the concrete plant in Clara City.

The city spent thousands on a law suit that could have been settled with all of us sitting down and trying to figure out what really would have benefited the town. The problem was worsened when the Herald did not investigate both sides of the court proceedings where I was forced to shut down my recycling business due to an ordinance. I was never even given a chance to prove that I was not doing business out of the old concrete plant in downtown Clara City and the Herald’s stories about the dispute never considered Speedy Pallet Company’s side of the story.

—Lonnie G. Curtis
Clara City

A tribune to Gary Mitlyng
We, and the Montevideo community have lost a sincere, honest and great friend.

We have never known Gary Mitlyng to be angry and never heard him say a bad or unkind word about anyone.

He was always a gentleman, had an infectious smile, quick wit, great sense of humor and could laugh at himself. Although his earthly assets may not have been many, he was always ready and willing to help others.

He will be missed by many.

—Harry and Bev Botten