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Voter ID card, or not?
One person says we have no voter fraud in Minnesota; another person repeats it as fact without checking to see if it is true. Would you like some facts?

In Harris, Minn., 10 people who voted gave an address that turned out to be that of a coin laundry.

Felons have voted before their civil rights were restored.

The Saturday, June 23, 2012, StarTribune stated, “Thousands of postcards sent to Election Day registrants have been returned as undeliverable.” This means there is not a person by that name at that address.

When I want to cash a check or fly in an airplane, I need to show a photo ID. To keep things honest we need photo voter ID. People who are not drivers can go to the license bureau office with proof of who they are and they will get a state issued photo ID card.

If you could tell me there are no liars in Minnesota, then we would not need to show a photo ID to vote. Can you tell me that?

—Lois Anderson