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America, we need to wake up
It’s been almost two weeks since the Supreme Court decided that “Obamacare” was a tax even though the designers profusely denied that it was.

On a case that should have been decided by a 9-0 vote, another group of our God-given freedoms was snatched from us by four ideological liberals and a confused sympathizer. The ruling has the dissenting four judges’ heads spinning, along with all Americans who understand the role of the Supreme Court and our system of constitutional government.

There is so much to say within this tiny little space. It is now left to us as a people to make the final decision. Since Obamacare is only about control of the people of the U.S. and the majority resent government intrusion, will we have the willpower and wherewithal to put a stop to this intrusion in November?

Will we educate ourselves about this intrusion or rely on the Socialists talking points to tell us what a good thing it is? Will we become active in removing everyone from office who voted to ram this down our throats or will we lie down and accept the consequences? Will we really make an effort to correct this or will we say that the work is just too hard? Do we really want someone other than ourselves to decide if we should have a certain medical procedure done?

Think America! Of course there will be death panels. There are death panels right now and there always has been in America. Right now we are the CEO of our own panel. Do you want to give a life-determining decision to a heartless, number-crunching bureaucrat? There is an acronym in Obamacare called QARY. It stands fo Quality Adjusted Remaining Years. That is the formula that will be used to determine your need for hip replacement, heart surgery and anything else. Medicare as we know it will end. America, we need to wake up fast

America is the first country ever to make its citizens the “king.” Out of this came the wealthiest, freest nation ever. Her poor became well-to-do more than any country ever. Her sick are already cared for in many ways and with dignity. People from all over the world from counties with socialized medicine come to the U.S. for treatment. Why? Do we really want to turn our “kingship” over to the servants?

Competition, capitalism and free enterprise are the solution. Not socialism.

—Rodney Jans