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A proud moment for Montevideo

Citizens of Montevideo, you can now sleep soundly knowing that your dedicated police department apprehended two dangerous characters and locked them away.  

The dangerous characters are two slough hay/thistle bales now in the impound lot. I got a notice of trespass; it was personally delivered to my place by the Chief (of Police) himself.  Now that’s service! The trespass notice came to me because I mowed and baled a small piece of ground near the impound lot without permission — the same piece of weedy slough ground that I have mowed and baled for about a decade now.  

City employees have said that I save the city a lot of money by performing this service. I get a couple of bales of hay and the city doesn’t have to pay a dime to mow the weeds; I thought that was a pretty good deal.  

By contrast, a few days ago, I mowed a small piece of ground, also within city limits, that was full of overgrown noxious weeds. A neighbor to that piece of ground brought me a cold drink to thank me for taking care of those weeds. She told me that she had tried in vain for 12 years to get the city manager to do something about the weeds! Must have been too busy rounding up dangerous characters.  

Those of us in production agriculture spend tens of thousands of dollars on weed control every year. I think I can speak for most of the farmers in Chippewa County where I live when I say we don’t appreciate the fact that the city of Montevideo, Chippewa County, FSA, NRCS, DNR, Pheasants Forever, and township governments allow noxious weeds to grow out of control. It is against the law! Where is the weed inspector?

Rather than spending taxpayer dollars impounding my bales, they could have sprayed the weeds.
—John Moon