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Letters to the EditorDrive safely
It has been a deadly few months in Chippewa County with two fatal crashes. The South West Central Safe Communities Coalition would like to remind drivers of a few basic safety precautions they can take.

1) Be alert to your task of driving. 2) Take frequent breaks if you are traveling long distances. 3) Always buckle up even when driving short distances on well known roads. 4) Don't get distracted with other thoughts. 5) Monitor your surroundings and drive accordingly.

No one leaves home for the day with the thought that they may never return home. Take a few simple steps to increase your chances of making it home to your family tonight.

The Fatal Review Committee would like to extend their sympathy to those families who have lost a loved one on our roadways and hope these efforts prevent future traffic fatalities from occurring.

—South West Central Safe Communities Coalition
Wendy Augeson, Stacy Tufto, Stephanie Weick, Ryan Slagter, Steve Kubista, Kenneth F. Koenen, Kristin Boike

Taxpayers help fund health care
"There are no county tax levy funds spent on health care services." So far, truthful, but health care programs are funded by state and federal funds.

Where does this money come from? Some of it comes from the taxpayers of Chippewa County. Many people, four times a year, make out checks and send them to Minnesota Revenue and the Internal Revenue. If you hold a job and taxes are taken out of your paycheck, you also are paying for health care services, plus many other programs.

So, let's change just one word in the first sentence and it will be false Let's say, there are no county tax funds spent on health care services. That is a false statement.

—Lois Anderson