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Chippewa County should have stayed on

Dennis Anderson, simply put, you miss the point.

The Chippewa County Board relinquished their seat at the table and, thus, their ability, along with Yellow Medicine County or the city of Granite Falls, to offer any meaningful input as to the removal of the Minnesota Falls Dam. Arguably, the dam may ultimately have been removed; however, other results may have happened as well, namely:

1. A cost-sharing agreement between Granite Falls Energy and its shareholders (your constituents) and Xcel Energy and/or the DNR as to the relocation of its intake structure along with coordination of construction activities.

2. Cost recovery from Xcel Energy and/or the DNR on replacement of infrastructure of the city of Granite Falls (your constituents) as relates to its parks and sewer system.

3. Input as to the results achieved as to water levels and aesthetic qualities of the river after the removal of the dam.

4. The perception that a prospective business would be interested in relocating to Chippewa County because of its supportive business climate. Governors Bill Janklow, of South Dakota, and Rudy Perpich figured this one out better than 30 years ago (Business Border War). Unfortunately, some political leaders still don't get it.

5. There is honor in fighting the good fight. Who is going to fight for Chippewa County when Xcel wants to remove its abandoned power pant?

None of the above would have cost Chippewa County one cent.

Your constituents expect you to represent their best interests. If all Minnesotans had a defeatist attitude, the Minnesota Vikings would be playing in Los Angeles.

—David L. Reimer
Granite Run Golf Course
Granite Falls