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Obamacare is socialism
Perhaps you have read my previous letters about how bad Obamacare will be for our country.

You may remember my remarks about how how "death panels" will be an integral part of Obamacare in order to keep costs down. To many, that comment may have seemed a bit extreme, but hold on. An Op Ed in the New York Times on Sept. 16, 2012, written by Steven Rattner, starts out with the words, "We need death panels." Rattner was Obama's first car czar and counselor to the Treasury Secretary. Be assured, this article was written for a reason. The message is "get used to it."

Under Obamacare, costs are controlled by a simple means of denying health care to certain individuals. Mainly to those who are elderly. That's right! The amount of care you get will be determined by a formula called Quality Adjusted Remaining Years (QARY). And it will be determined by someone else, not you. Medicare does not do that. Therefor, Medicare is slated to be dissolved in the future and replaced by Obamacare. Seven hundred billion dollars have already been cut from Medicare with $250 billion more in cuts coming after that.

Don't be misled into thinking that Obamacare will be just like Medicare. Medicare has been able to function because it does not cover the whole country. Private medicine is the machine that can extend its advances to Medicare. The entire world has been benefiting from our private health care system. Obamacare for everyone makes aobut as much sense as putting everyone on welfare and expecting great things to happen.

Someone asked, "What is so bad about Obamacare?" There are many other reasons to dislike this program, but space does not allow. Expect tax increases and new taxes everywhere. Next year, a farmer who sells a quarter of land will be sending approximately $38,000 to help fund Obamacare. Insurance premiums have already skyrocketed in anticipation of the control to come.

I hope you will consider these things before you vote. Also, we have legislators up for re-election who supported this legislation. As much as you may like that person, their support fo Obamacare would seem to be grounds for denial of your support for them. Never forget, in a free society, legislators are the servants and we are the kings! Socialism turns the power around. Obamacare is socialism.
—Rodney Jans