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Vote 'yes' on amendments
Why should we amend our definition on marriage? What happened to one man and one woman pledging their love for each other until death do us part?

This November 6th, please remember to turn your voter ballot over — yes, there is a backside — and vote "yes." If by default or failure to mark yes, you have voted to overturn that sacred viewpoint. A "no" vote or leaving this item blank means you have cast your balllot to mean any other interpretation is accceptable. Don't let that happen. Vote yes on this amendment.

Please consider strongly voting yes to the picture ID vote for voting also. Americans still have the right to vote and why not present all the evidence with a picture included that you are an American to do so. Be proud, be strong, and help keep America bright.
—Dave Swenson

Vote 'no' on amendments
Do we really want government regulations added to our constitution that limit our freedom to vote and our freedom to choose whom we marry in a lifetime commitment? We already have laws opposing same sex marriage. Do we need further restrictions that would hinder our evolution into a more open and compassionate society?

There are "Vote Yes" lawn signs posted at churches. Is it Christian to oppose same sex marriage? Jesus never mentioned homosexuality or made any reference to it. Jesus said all the laws can be summed up with one – to love God and to love one another.

Jesus reached out to those who were shunned by society. Don't we have to entertain the possibility that there could have been gay people in Jesus' following since there are no verses that either embrace or denounce that possibility?

Let's respect the Constitution, fully embracing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all without exception. Vote "no" on November 6.

This country is challenged by the high cost of medical care. Something needs to be done. The purpose of a national health care policy was to ensure that 40 million people without healthcare coverage would have access. It may not be perfect, but is there a better solution being offered? There seems to be many in this country that think we cannot afford as a nation to care for the sick if they do not have money or insurance.

Is it socialism to want to provide health care for all citizens? Norway, Sweden and Canada are examples of socialist countries that provide health care for all their citizens. People there aren't dying for lack of medical attention, or going bankrupt or even homeless because they become ill. Aren't we mandated by our faith and by our citizenship to care for one another? Is it socialism or human decency to want food, housing and health coverage for all people? Is the fulfillment of these basic needs entitlement or a means of providing liberty and justice for all?
—Vicki Poier

Thanks for supporting runners
Congratulations to the Montevieo cross country runners for a great season so far and good luck in the upcoming sections. The cross country runners had a fantastic meet at the Montevideo Invitational a couple weeks ago.

We would like to give a special thank you to those who helped support this event: Swenson Orchards, Coborn's, KleinBank, Co-op Credit Union, KDMA, Walmart and Steve's Equipment. Each of these businesses either donated or offered discounts on food, drinks, supplies and use of equipment.

Also thank you to The Crossings for providing the site, athletic director Bob Grey for set-up, school staff for working event, parents for donating bars and working concessions, coaches Rietveld and Harrington for their great coaching and support to the runners, the Montevideo pep band, and community and student fans who came out to cheer on our runners.

All this support helped make this event a success and was greatly appreciated.

—Karla Anderson,
Patty Glomstad

Don't put our children in debt
If you vote for Obama, please be ready to apologize to your children and grandchildren. On Tuesday, Sept. 4, of this year, the Treasury Department said the national debt had topped $16 trillion.

Now look at your child and imagine hanging a heavy yoke around his or her neck, with the label saying, "Over $50,000 in debt." This would be before your child even got a credit card of their own. Our combined debt equals over $50,000 for each man, woman and child. When will this debt ever be reduced?

You know a million is 1,000,000; a billion is a thousand million or 1,000,000,000; a trillion is a million million or its a thousand billion; it is 1,000,000,000,000. While checking these figures on the computer I learned the British use a different count, but we are Americans so these are the figures we will use.

Now I'm not trying to hang all this on our current president. But the question I am getting to is this: Which candidate is best equipped to help us get out of this crazy spending that brought us to this point?

The ticket of Romney and Ryan will do the best job of starting to get us out of this horrible problem. Remember, Obama came to office without any real work experience, while Romney has been a governor. Do some fact checking on the numbers thrown around. The Minneapolis StarTribune does a fact check column; read it.

—Lois Anderson

Thanks to the VFW Auxiliary
The VFW Auxiliary donated a wonderful array of school supplies to be used by our students Working together to educate our children — that is what it is all about.

We just wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks for this contribution, but, even more so, for the support it conveys. Thank you very much.

—Montevideo Education Assn.

Thank you, Twins and KMGM
Thank you, Minnesota Twins, for your $10,000 grant and congratulations to KMGM for being honored as the first-ever recipient of the John Gordon Twins Territory Affiliate of the Year Award.

I do not know how many know that we have been granted a $10,000 matching grant from the Minnesota Twins Fields for Kids project. We had to match the $10,000, which we did in raising nearly $6,000, plus in-kind work from the city.

This grant was for getting ag lime on our varsity baseball field and on the Windom baseball field. Also, we want to replace the fence at Windom field. We want to bring the fence in as the teams that play there are our JV team and seventh-grade traveling team. At our varsity baseball field, we want to get a netting to cover the area from the backstop behind home plate to the concession stand. Thanks to many organizations and individuals for monetary donations as well as businesses in town who helped truck the ag lime from Shakopee.

If anyone is interested in helping with the project and want to send a donation, it would be greatly appreciated as we do have a few things that we still could do for the fields. Send it to the city of Montevideo with a note "Fields for Kids."

In the spring, the Twins will be here to award a plaque and we will recognize all those who have had something to do with the Fields for Kids project. We have two great baseball fields and we should be proud of them.

As for KMGM winning the first-ever John Gordon Twins Territory Affiliate of the Year Award, there were 88 stations that had the opportunity to win this award. KMGM put together a video on why they should be awarded the award. They had different people from area towns involved.

Lou Kuno and Andy Coulter should be proud of this award for all the work they do with the Twins organization. Way to go, guys, you both do a great job here for our sports teams, and KMGM should be proud they have the two of you at KMGM. Stop out at KMGM and see the award.
—Doug Broich