Ever wonder where beaver go in the winter?

Ever wonder where beaver go in the winter?  What about when their wetlands dry up and the river is so low?  Come along and we will hike out to a large beaver chewed tree and a lodge left high and dry by the dry weather.  The group will then travel to another part of the park and see where a beaver has built a new lodge for the winter.

With luck, the group will get to actually see the beaver under the ice. From the visitor center the group will travel in their own vehicles to both sites in the park. A park staff person will lead everyone to the sites and talk about beavers and their habits. 

So, bring sturdy footwear and clothing to be outside depending on the weather.  The hike is planned to go rain or shine or snow.  Hikes are relatively short but require stooping, walking on uneven ground, and there could be some slippery spots. Questions may be directed to the park at 320-564-4777.