To Sen. Lyle Koenen. I'm a resident of Rosewood Township, Chippewa County. Your father, Ken, has been my county commissioner for many years.

To Sen. Lyle Koenen. I'm a resident of Rosewood Township, Chippewa County. Your father, Ken, has been my county commissioner for many years. The reason I'm contacting you is in regard to the extreme radical anti-gun bills (HF 237, 238, 239, 240, 241, 242, 298) which have recently been introduced for legislative action. These bills mirror the 1938 gun control laws enacted by the national socialists in Germany. The proposed bills would mandate various specific weapons bans, large capacity magazine bans, annual background checks, registration, confiscation, fines $25,000.00, imprisonment five years, and blank check powers for law enforcement to enter and inspect our homes without a warrant.

This is a frontal assault on the Constitution and our basic freedoms and liberties. These bills are the work of radicals and extremists. I would not have thought it possible that such a blatant threat to our constitutional liberties would ever arise in our nation or state. This is almost beyond belief and imagination. It speaks volumes, however, of the arrogant, power-mad politicians who believe they are rulers who reign by diktat, rather than guardians of the Constitution and representatives of free citizens in a representative republic.

There can only be three possible options concerning these bills if they become law as written: compliance, defiance, or move out of state. For many, compliance will not be an option. Defiance will entail huge fines, imprisonment, or armed resistance. None of these are good outcomes. However, I think manifestations of all three aspects of defiance are inevitable. The tragic personal and moral aspects of this notwithstanding, it will also be a public relations/media disaster for the governor and the legislators. Many of us will exercise the option to move out of the state, to a free and saner political environment, taking our wealth and taxes with us. The most outrageous aspect of this is being forced out of our homes at political gun point by radical politicians drunk with delusions of unlimited power.

I recently had a conversation with a retired law enforcement professional. He commented that if these bills were to become law, law enforcement officials would overnight become the "bad guys." Think of the social impact of the image of law enforcement going from good guys who protect and serve to "bad guys" who oppress and instill fear and loathing in the public. The social contract between the citizenry and law enforcement would be shredded overnight, irreversibly and irrep­arably destroyed. The impact would be devastating! The unanticipated consequences of enacting these proposed bills will be enormously destructive. The delusional ideologues who drafted these bills have no idea of the social and political repercussions that will ensue.

I urge you to join with other rational and reasonable legislators to stop and/or defeat this madness. If they can confiscate our guns and enter our homes without a warrant, it's a very short step to taking anything they want — ultimately our lives and liberty. This is essentially a declaration of war on the Constitution and the citizens of this state. As a retired field grade military officer with 24 years of active duty, I took an oath to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." I believe you took the same oath, your duty is clear.

The Second Amendment is not about deer hunting! It's about citizens having the right to protect themselves from an oppressive or dangerous government. In order for that to be possible, there must be some adequate parity between firearms available to both the citizens and the government. If this is not so, then the Second Amendment is toothless and hollow. This is precisely the reason the radical left wants to ban semi-auto firearms with high capacity magazines. This is not about public safety, it's about an agenda to disarm the American public. A disarmed public is infinitely easier to control and subdue than an adequately armed public. The founding fathers inherently understood this and purposely made this the second of 10 amendments.

Dr. William Landes, at the University of Chicago, and Dr. John Lott, at Yale, conducted a massive study of multiple victim shootings in the U.S. between 1977 and 1995. They concluded that the usual proposals such as waiting periods, increased penalties for gun crimes, background checks, etc., had no effect on the frequency or carnage of shootings. "Only one policy has ever been shown to reduce death rates from such crimes: concealed-carry laws. The effect of concealed-carry laws in deterring mass public shootings was even greater than the impact of such laws on the murder rate generally."

Most multiple-victim shootings have taken place in "gun-free-zones" where the shooters do not have to worry about being confronted by armed opposition. Moreover, reference Dr. Juliann Whitaker's enclosed article concerning the link between shootings and prescription drugs. He documents that 14 school shootings and 10 murders and murder/suicides "were all committed by individuals who have been positively identified as have been taking or withdrawing from anti-depressants or other psychiatric drugs." The last enclosed article by Boyd Beccue, retired Kandiyohi County Attorney, appeared in the Willmar newspaper. He states that in his 20 years of experience the basic problems are gangs and mental illness.

In conclusion, I ask you to do your duty to protect our rights and freedom by voting against the radical unconstitutional bills currently being introduced in the state Legislature. Thank you.