Thanks, mom and dad, for all you've done and continue to do for me.

    When is good enough, actually good enough?  Who’s to be the judge of when someone or something is to be used or good enough for others or ourselves?  I constantly strive to be good enough for many people in life.  There are many riding my back wanting more and something better. There are teachers, friends, family, student council kids, Leo Club people, River Watch team members, and the children I teach for apostles all counting on me.  I try to be good enough for them and make the cut for all their expectations.  

    However, there are two people in my life that never expect anything at all from me but my best.  When I don’t reach my best, they are right there ready to pick me back up.  They do what I ask, they don’t ask much, and they appreciate all that they have.  They’ve taught me everything I know; they’ve made me who I am, and they are my personal heroes…my parents.

    To me adoption is one of the biggest forms of heroism in this world.  To take on a child when you could have no idea what they’ll be like. To take them in as one of your own and take care of them with all you’ve got, it’s incredible.  My parents took my sister and me in when they had no clue what we’d be like.  They raised us to be strong, unique independent girls who have a good aspect of what the world expects of us.  

    From a young age they taught us right from wrong, they taught us to be appreciative of what we have, to do good for others, be goofy and don’t take everything too seriously, be kind, and to try your best.  If you asked my mom the last time she asked me to do my homework or make my bed she would probably laugh a bit.  My dad, if asked, would tell you that he has two very big outdoors girls.

    The deer stand/fort out in our backyard woods is a great example of that.  Hours were spent with my dad building that stand and learning some of the millions of tidbits he has stored in his head.  I enjoyed all the afternoons spent with him going to rummage sales and garage sales, not because he used guilt or because I felt bad, but because I purely wanted to hang out with my dad.
     It’s not that I loved looking at the “treasures” other people had put out for sale, it’s that I knew it would also involve riding around in his truck having snacks and listening to 96.1, the Fox.

    We’d also, of course, have to go out for lunch and maybe go to some other towns to look at lawnmowers or four wheelers, just to give mom some more time alone at the house.  I enjoy watching my mom in the studio capturing some of peoples’ most memorable moments with their friends and family.  I love watching her be so creative and loving what she’s doing. This makes me very happy.  It’s those small things in life that I’m going to remember the most.

    It’s not the big things that happen or things that cost the most, but the small memorable things with my parents that are important.  They didn’t mean to make these things memorable; they were just being themselves and enjoyed spending time with me.

    My parents are not only the people I sit with at the dinner table, they are my biggest support system.          

Whether it’s in the bleachers getting popcorn, in the auditorium watching a concert, at some banquet for a club I’m in, or driving me somewhere for an appointment, they are always there cheering me on and supporting me with what I do.  Now some people may think that this is some cheesy article trying to suck up to my parents, but honestly, I just hope to one day thank them for all they have done for me, and this is a start to that.  

    I hope that one day I am successful enough to build them the perfect house somewhere on a beach where they can live happily together and all their family can visit them and go on vacation. I want to give them the perfect life to grow old since they gave me such a great life to grow up in.  

    I’m not saying that they are perfect, because God only knows that no one can reach perfection.  If I fall, I know that they are there to pick me back up on my feet.  No matter how bad I mess up, they aren’t going to stop loving me.  

    Although they are not perfect I will always strive to be like them.  Not once could I say they are bad parents because they are anything but that.  I am grateful for the life I was given, for the family I have and for the parents that I was given and can come home to everyday.         

Thank you, Mom and Dad, Ma and Pa, Carol and Mike…thank you, for all you’ve done and all you will continue to do.
    Welter writes in teacher Toni Grove’s communications and broadcasting course at CHS.