Need motivation? Find it here!

On January 1st, I bet youólike so many of us,ófelt super-hopeful and enthusiastic about that new yearís resolution to start a running program, or go to the gym four times a week or do yoga every day.

Now, as we edge forward into February and March, maybe itís not as easy to maintain that resolve, especially for those of us in the dark mid-winter when all we really want to do is hibernate.† My running program stalled out last week because there was just no way I was going out there with a wind chill factor of minus 25 degrees Celsius. No. Way.

Weather isnít the only deterrent. Itís just not all that easy to stay as excited about anything over the long haul as we are the day we embark on it, full of optimism and gusto.

If youíre having difficulty staying motivated, here are 14 suggestions for getting out the door, to the mat, or wherever you need to go to fulfill your training commitment.

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