Wamstad is Bertha Bonn winner

Since its inception in 1959, the Montevideo Scholarship Fund has now topped the $2 million mark.

From its humble beginnings when four scholarships, worth $100 each, were awarded, the $!29,050 in scholarships presented at last Wednesday’s Scholarship Tea, pushed the all-time total to $2,108,350.

The largest scholarship awarded is the $10,000 Bertha Bonn Memorial Scholarship. This year’s recipient is Jaden Wamstad, a distinguished honor student who plans to attend Wayne State College in Nebraska to major in Spanish and elementary education. Wamstad was also the winner of the $4,000 Harold & Alice Rue Memorial Scholarship.

Alex Carlbom, a distinguished honor graduate who will be attending the University of Minnesota, Duluth, to major in biology, received the $8,000 Claude Dziuk Memorial and the $5,000 Jared and Julie Slater scholarships.