You can be the change!

I am not shocked by the news of a young up-and-coming "someone" who decided to tattle on the government for their acts of espionage on their own people.  Why?  Because he is my age and it makes sense to some to try to right what is wrong with the world.  However, unfortunatly, we live in a society of gluttony on all fronts, on keeping the most detestable secrets for family/friends (even when people are being hurt in one way or another) and telling lies is an acceptable way of getting into or out of a situation.

Have you noticed parents teaching their kids this?  

"Just tell them you are 7 so you get a free meal." (Lies)

"Don't you dare tell anyone that I smoke." (Secrets)

"But we paid $10 for that pizza and you will eat every last bite of it even if it kills you." (Gluttony monetarily and nutritionally).

When did we become a people like this?  Are we ok, as a nation to continue on this path?  How do we turn this big ugly ship around and right the wrongs in our lives?  Does the general popluation even care if we change?  Does anyone make the connection between a tantrum throwing 9 year old and a tantrum throwing 29 year old?  At some point no one stopped that sort of behavior.  

I found myself thinking this today as I was repremanding my children.  One of the mantras in the house is: "Who are you responsible for?"  The answer is "you", you are only responsible for your actions.  As much as you want to blame others for the actions, you have to suck it up, "be a man" and take the responsiblity that comes with your actions.  If you chose to tell a lie, it is because YOU wanted to.  If you chose to keep a secret that is hurtful, it is because YOU chose to.  If you don't ever change, it is because YOU chose not to.

You are the beginning of the change.  It is nice to have people in your life who are a constant reminder to what is rigth and wrong, but not everyone has that.  Everyone does, however, have the opportunity to change - do an about face - and become exactly who you want to be.

Start today, change the world.