Take time!

Summer is almost over.  I know this because the nights are getting cooler, the lightening bugs have almost gone completely out and I am getting inundated with back-to-school shopping ads.  One forlorn child said sadly, "Only 15 more days until school starts..." voice trailing off.  

I loved school, still do!  I loved seeing my friends again, meeting the teachers, having a schedule, doing the work!  It was exhilirating, and helped me to focus.  Even now, too much free time gets me into trouble!  I grew up on a farm in Minnesota so summers were boring and lonely.  We rarely went any where and my friends would see me at our town festival in June and then not again until my birthday for a party (July), then school.  Three times during the summer I would see them and soak in that time!  But when school started, this extrovert got her fill of people five days a week!  It was enough to make me cry tears of joy!

In the moments of rushing to get all the supplies you need and prepare your kids for another year of school and all that goes with it (good and bad) this year, please remember to hug and snuggle your kids.  Take the time with them and build memories that in a month, when you are flying out the door to yet another activity, you can take the memory of the quiet moment of hugs and snuggles with you and remember that time flies, kids grow and soon will fly the nest.  Make your memories now, relive them later!  Take the time!