This seemingly easy task boggles me.

I love antique furniture.  I mostly love the look of 1920's and 1930's but I am fascinated by old things that still serve an incredible purpose today.  We inherited a dining room hutch that wasn't my style but has "saved me" in the fact that it is deep and has a lot of storage, something our dining room has none of!  

Recently I bought a lamp for $20 at one of the best antique stores I have ever been to in the town I live in.  It didn't work, but I didn't care, it was LOVELY!  My Firstly and I cleaned it up with a wire brush to remove all the rust and grime and took it apart.  The wires were frayed, missing and otherwise in very poor condition.  My idea struck!  Let's rewire it!  She and I can do it!  Sure, she is only 8 and I don't even like static electricity shocks, but we can figure it out!

Cut to: Me searching online for an "easy fix" to this lamp two weeks later.  There isn't an easy fix.  There is a complicated mess of wires to worry about, and things that may need to be resoldered.  And, frankly, this is becoming a huge job I am not sure I want to take the time on.

Here is what keeps me going:  If I can figure out how to do this, then the two other lamps in the basement won't be a struggle to rewire and then we won't have to throw them out!  And, then if I can figure this out, get a good handle on it, then the antique store is at my mercy!  I can buy old lamps for cheap, fix them and sell them for more!  I can be the Lamp Flipper (like house flippers but more artsy fartsy).  

Check back with me in awhile and maybe, just maybe I will have a gorgeous 1930's lamp rewired and being used in my livingroom or bedroom.  Maybe I will have all three lamps working!  Maybe I will be flipping lamps like nobody's business and the world will know my name!  Or, maybe I should just work on this one lamp first.