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The American-News welcomes letters of opinion from our readers. Letters regarding current local and national news items are encouraged. All letters are subject to editing for length and style. Letters containing potentially libelous or obscene statements will not be published. Letters must contain name, address and phone number for verification and in case of questions. E-mail letters to: Letters may also be mailed to:  Editor, Montevideo Publishing, P.O. Box 99, Montevideo, MN 56265


Climate change and neo-paganism


Many cultures in the history of man, wandering in the darkness of their own desire, worshiped the creation rather than the creator. Various animals and the earth itself was the object of veneration. This is in direct contradiction to the teachings of Judaism and Christianity which evokes man as primary steward of the earth and God alone as worthy of our worship. God made man alone in His image and however marred that image may become on planet earth, man is still created in the image of God.


It would seem today that many of the global warming adherents have created a movement that in essence has become a new religion in which the Creator is either ignored or His existence is denied and planet earth becomes all important.


Lately the stature of animals has been so distorted in the minds of some that they literally become more important than human life. I refer to this veneration of earth and its creatures as “neo-paganism.” The adherents to this cult, like those of old, demand human sacrifices to the object of their religion which consists of harm to humans such as the saving of stickle backed fish rather than allowing water to irrigate farm crops. It becomes possible for the new adherents to this old idolatry to value the stickleback while turning their back on the human child in the womb.


It remains to be seen how far the neo-pagans will go but a professor at a liberal university has recently exclaimed that anyone who denies global warming should be put into prison.


Politcally correct speech is also having its influence in thought control by shaming anyone as ignorant who will not go along with the rites of this new religion. God is completely removed from the equation and is replaced by  the old earth goddess couched in more modernistic terms. Government pronouncements that climate change due to humans is an established fact adds governmental power to the new religion and it becomes the religion of the state. No one stops to consider the power that government accrues announcing themselves to be the solution to ultimate global disater in each of our lives. Who then can stand against any government action since government becomes our collective savior from global disaster?


The largest proponent of this new religion is the United Nations which is continually sounding the alarm regarding climate change as a forerunner of their global governmental ideas. These people wish to ultimately control the peoples of the world. Neo paganism in fanatical, climate change adherents may well be the worldwide phenomenon which will manifest itself as the foundation of one world government. In the final analysis, no one shall be saved by the parternity of the United Nations or the Democrats or the Republicans. No global warming guru will make one bit of difference. There is only one savior and his name is not Al Gore.


—Doug Hodge



Rail yard corrections and economic development


As often happens, information gets “adjusted” as it passes many hands.


• The Monte rail yard was offered to SpecSys. We did not seek it out. We talked to the Heritage group on the phone once, met twice, and had an agreement. We would lease to the Heritage for $1, two acres on the south side of the yard. We had clear demands. First, they must be an active organization. Second, they must keep their area orderly. I am not convinced they are a viable, given key members have died and 20 years of activity has produced little.  Years ago, I was a believer. I no longer see the path forward with no money and a shrinking membership.  For 10 years I have heard of the ghost from Mpls (a rich guy).  SpecSys pledged $1.5M into this location, and add another $1.5M in coming years. I urge the Heritage group to get your “rich guy” to put up $1.5M by July 1! Growing up, this was called, Put Up or Shut Up.


• Historical preservation is important. My wife and I own an old house and three of the oldest Monte main street properties, and a historic building in Cloquet. I was the President of the organization that saved the Hollywood.  We have spent more in historical upgrades than a prudent person should. However, I understand the difference between historical preservation, and a derelict property. See 20 years of progress for yourself, drive by the rail yard on the overpass.  The track needs $750,000 of maintenance and the turn table designated un-safe by an independent inspector, requiring an additional $250,000 minimum of repairs.


• For each industry job created, two students show up to a local school. Each $1 brought to the community circulates 7 times.  Twenty five jobs would put 50 kids in our schools, and generate $1M in payroll ($7M of annual impact), year after year after year.  Undisputed facts. For each student the state sends $7,500 annually to our schools.  Montevideo ISD129 just announced a short fall of $300k. This matches the budget provided by 25 industrial jobs. We cannot sit on our hands when so much is at stake!  If you want to see a non-industry town, go tour Appleton and Madison MN. Their merged school is now having trouble!  No Industry = Certain Death.


• Many people start a sentence with “You know what they should do….”  I now stop them cold. Who is “They?”  Last time I looked, this city is “All” of us.  You can complain about city council and city staff, but if you sit on the side line, you have no say. Our city council will do the wishes-of-the-people, but only if they know what those are. Get engaged.  


• Finally, we need a full time Economic Development person.  Montevideo is being schooled by towns 1/5 our size.  I am urging the City, County, Hospital, School, and MIDC to equally fund 1/5 of this job. Recently the newspaper announced jobs moving north. Jobs moving are bad, but what is worse is no one knew they were in play. If I strike out, but I swung the bat hard three times, I sleep well at night.  When we strike out and we did not even go to the plate, shame on all of us.                                    


—Kevin Wald



Climate change is real


Ninety-seven percent of all climate scientists agree that human caused  climate change is happening. Data after data show rising temperatures and dramatic weather patterns. It is time to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels. Emissions from burning fossil fuels, including oil and coal, are creating a layer of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that acts like a blanket, trapping heat.


Locally in the Midwest we have experienced an exceptionally cold winter. However, looking at the world as a whole, World Meteorological  Organization reports 2013 as the sixth warmest year on record. Thirteen of the 14 warmest years on record have occurred in the 21st Century.  Each of the last three decades has been warmer than the previous one, with 2001 to 2010 being the warmest decade on record.


Minnesota can be grateful to have strong advocates for clean energy. In 2013 Minnesota Power  announced plans to retire coal-burning units.  Minnesota Public Utilities Commission PUC ordered Otter Tail Power to retire its Hoot Lake coal-burning plant in Fergus Falls by 2020.


More than 60 diverse groups and businesses partnered to advance energy policy that creates jobs and supports clean, local,renewable energy.


Minnesota passed a new solar energy standard requiring all public utilities to generate at least 1.5 percent of their electricity from solar energy resources by the year 2020.  This is a small but significant first step. Today Germany gets 30 percent of its energy from solar and wind.  Denmark gets 50 percent.


New legislation means more utility customers with small onsite renewable energy systems - such as small wind and solar projects- will be able to spin their meter backwards and save on utility bills.  Utilities are encouraged to buy power from small and medium-sized solar projects at a rate that reflects the true value of that power to the utility, ratepayers, and society.    These policies will boost solar production in Minnesota.


Advocates of clean energy continue to lobby for legislation that makes renewable energy a growing reality with Minnesota in a leadership position.   Minnesotans can be grateful for  Governor Dayton and Senators Franken and Klobuchar that advocate for clean renewable energy.


As demand and production of renewable energy increases the cost goes down.  The good news is that clean, renewable energy costs less, can meet the needs of consumers, provides jobs, strengthens the local economy and enhances the environment.


—Vicki Poier