Last Wednesday, several Montevideo residents visited Granite Falls to attend a public meeting hosted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). MnDOT hosted the meeting to collect input for the expansion of bike trails across Minnesota.

“Personally, I’d like to see a bike trail that goes out to Camp Release,” said Ed Picht, a member of the Montevideo Bushwackers, who attended the meeting.

He said such a trail would help serve three major housing developments, and connect Montevideo residents to an important monument. It would also help bikers who have to ride on a narrow shoulder when traveling that direction.

Other members of the community also suggested a bike trail could help connect Smith Park, downtown Montevideo, the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center and Historic Chippewa City.

“Anyone who is interested in seeing more bike trails can go online and give feedback,” Picht said.

By going online to and logging in with name and email, Minnesota residents can mark where on the map of Minnesota they’d like to see improvement, and leave comments.

“The more public comment MnDOT sees in an area, the more chance it will get attention from the state,” Picht said.

Mn/DOT officials are

looking for answers to the following questions:

- Where are the Mn/DOT roads that could improve the local bike network?

- Where are the places riders want to bike long distance?

- What are destinations that people want to be able to bike to in Minnesota?

- Where do people feel comfortable biking?

- What highways most effect biking in Minnesota?

- With limited funding, how do we prioritize projects?