Sometimes it takes awhile for dreams to come true.

Sometimes it takes awhile for dreams to come true.

Deb Goebel of Montevideo always dreamed about becoming an author of children’s stories. It was never a question of if she would write a book, it was always a question of finding enough time to write one.

Goebel loved to write stories when she was a child but, as so often happens, life gets busier as people get older. She grew up, married her sweetheart Dave, and became the mother of three children.

She was a long-time employee of the Monte­video School District, working at Ramsey Elementary School. One of her favorite parts of her job was reading to the students and seeing how much they enjoyed listening to the stories.

Time passed and her own children grew up,  married, and had children of their own. Goebel has five grandchildren, and she loves reading to them.

“Reading to my grandchildren is so important, not only to them, but to me,” said Deb.

After she left the Montevideo School District, Goebel knew the time was right to finally pursue her dream of becoming an author.

She said: “I had it in my mind what I wanted. So I tried it, and it was fun!”

The resulting book, her very first children’s book, is called “Fishing With Grandpa.” The story is based on an actual event that took place at Dave and Deb’s lake cabin near Park Rapids.

Dave had taken their grandson, Carter Michael (the boy in the story is named Michael, after Carter Michael), on a fishing adventure to their favorite lily pad fishing hole. (Read the book to find out the rest of the story!)

In addition to writing the story, Deb illustrated the book herself. The illustrations were made to look as if a child had drawn them. As an extra surprise, Goebel added a hidden dragonfly on each page for kids to look for.

She had the book, but she needed to find a publisher. Knowing she would  have to self-publish, she spent many hours on the Internet searching for just the right publisher.

“The toughest part of the whole process was finding a publisher,” said Goebel.

She contacted a publishing company called MindStir Media, and they were willing to work with her.

“They gave me a representative to work with, and we were always conversing back and forth,” said Goebel.

MindStir Media is a supplier of books to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Fishing With Grandpa” was a top seller the first few days it was available on Amazon. Reviews on amazon have been good.

One customer said: “A wonderfully written and illustrated book. My boys loved listening to me read it, while looking for the hidden dragonflies!” Another said: “What a fun book! What else will Michael and Grandpa do?”

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