Owning and operating an orchard is no easy ask.


Owning and operating an orchard is no easy ask. Just ask Dave and Avis Swenson. The Swensons  have taken care of their orchard ever since they came to Montevideo and planted their first trees in 1974.

Forty-three  years later, the Swensons have decided that it is time to close their business at the end of this year. “There are many factors to consider when closing a business. Our decision was based on our family, our health, and our plans for a life not dictated by the business,” said Dave.

About two years ago, Dave and Avis wrote down all of the reasons and goals behind their decision to begin an orchard all those years ago. “We realized we had achieved all of our goals for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren,” Dave said. “It was time for a change.”

It takes a lot of dedication, determination, and drive to embark on a business venture such as Swenson’s Apple Orchard. As any produce grower knows, crops are very much dependent on the whims of Mother Nature.

Temperatures (too hot or too cold), rain (too much or too little), excessive wind, and hail all determine whether or not a growing season will be good or bad.

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