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Help keep our shelves full

The March food drive campaign is just around the corner and it is because of the continued support of businesses, community members, organizations, and generous neighbors that live in Chippewa County that we are able to keep our shelves full of food and ready to help families through economic stress.   

This year’s theme invites us to “end hunger.” This invitation gives us the chance to make a difference in our county by donating either dollars or pounds of food. This letter is to inform you of our constant need and about our upcoming Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. We are partnering with Minnesota Food Share, Second Harvest Heartland, and the Chippewa County Food Shelf to end hunger.

Often people assume that families want to continually use the food shelf. Contrary to the perception, a vast majority of the usage comes from families that have a person in the household working. A total of 2,541 households used the food shelf in 2017, distributing 302,624 pounds of food to 8,010 individuals with some of those individuals using it monthly.  

We are grateful for the continued support that we receive from individuals, farmers, businesses, churches, civic, and school groups.

One hundred percent of the proceeds that we raise by product, food, cash, or checks goes back to the people in Chippewa County. We are so thankful for the fun projects and ideas your organizations come up with to help raise money for the food shelf. The amount of matched dollars we receive is based on a percentage of how much we raise in our county. The more we raise, the more we get to end hunger in our communities.

Please consider a gift to the Chippewa County Food Shelf this March and good luck to the organizations that think big and come up with some wonderful ideas to end hunger in Chippewa County. If you have any questions please call us at 320-269-6578.

—Samuel Lye

Chippewa County

Food Shelf Coordinator

Speaking truth

When we speak, there are lot of reasons to try to express ourselves and now lots of means to do it. Think of the electronics in the media. Several things should be considered before we speak and try to communicate.

Is what is said the truth? If it’s just idle chatter or going to gossip, that don’t cut it. There’s a lot of that and, hopefully, the recipients know that’s all it is.

Is it kind? If not, please don’t say it. Our society is editorialized, dramatized and washed with so little truth at times you can’t believe what is said at all. Consider the source.

Is it necessary? If not, perhaps it should not be said at all, or at least label it as chatter, gossip or just conversation, so people can use their filter to discern what was said, who said it and in what context so they know how to use it or discard it for what it is. Damage can result when not taken correctly.

We all do a lot of conversation which can either be and do much good or it can be a train wreck right from the start.

We all have opinions and like to express them. Think about it!

—Dave Swenson