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No respect whatsoever

Have you seen our news media and how they treat the conservative view and the people who espouse the views of conservancy?

There is no respect whatsoever. We seem to have allowed all liberals complete sway of the way things are reported and treated. We have started to try flexing our voices, but to no avail when the media picks up on any story and twists it to the liberal view.

It does not matter who or what is being reported upon, but that the morality and a conservative view are shouted down, editorialized, maligned and omitted if allowed to get by with it. The erosion is old and getting worse.

Our luck locally has been better than that. Thank God, we still have some taste and choice to serve the varied view points. At a state and at the national news level, we cannot count on any support whatever it would seem. Nothing is treated fairly.

When people are misquoted and attacked, they do one of two things. They go underground and say nothing at all or they do fight back. It’s very imperative we not shrink, but develop our voice and start taking our rights back so we are treated equally.

Forty to 45 percent of Americans are independent. We can control how this turns out in any election or how we do or do not support this media treatment.

Flex your voice, your power. You may have to be recognized while we still have a voice.

—Dave Swenson


Finish the fight

The 2017 American Cancer Society Relay For Life Event was a huge success! Seventeen teams participated, along with many from the general public who came to Smith Park in Montevideo the evening of Friday, May 19.  

A meal was served to approximately 180 people from 5-7 p.m. in the main shelter, along with a variety of food items sold by other teams throughout the evening. A wonderful lineup of entertainment was enjoyed throughout the evening. Our silent auction was a great success. We also had over 1,000 decorated luminary bags this year.  

Thank you to all the sponsors, everyone who attended, and those who donated to this year’s Chippewa County Relay For Life Event. To each individual, family, and business, you made a difference!


We received over $54,000 county-wide with more donations still coming in! The “relay year” ends Aug. 31, 2017. You may still make donations for this year up to that date. These generous donations will bring needed funds for the American Cancer Society’s research, treatment, and services for cancer patients. Relay For Life also brings much needed awareness of the importance to keep funding this vital organization. This is your American Cancer Society — celebrate! remember! fight back! Let’s “finish the fight!”

Thank you again from the Chippewa County Relay For Life Committee for your awesome donations!

—Pam Eklund