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Disgusted by rally in Willmar

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, but look at what crawled out of the swamp to support him. I am referring to the pro-Trump rally that took place in Willmar as described in a story in the April 17, 2017, edition of the West Central Tribune.


The rally was a disgusting display of ignorance, hatred, bigotry and fear. Two of the rally organizers are well known for the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim message they seek to spread. Willmar has much of which to be proud in its relations with the Somali community, but rally speakers would undermine all of that.


I am personally offended by the religious and ethnic bigotry on display there because my Irish-Catholic family in my grandparents’ generation was subjected to that very thing, including a cross burning by the hooded knights of the Ku Klux Klan.


Representative Tim Miller of Prinsburg spoke at the rally. He seems not to have had any problem with its general tone.


The most disturbing part of the report was the account of Rep. Tim Miller’s speech in which he used apocalyptic language to apply his fundamentalist ideology to how the state and nation should be governed. Unbelievably, he is quoted as saying, “We are entering a time of civil war. We must stay engaged ... God in his grace has given us a second chance.”


If we elect politicians such as Tim Miller to represent us at the state and federal levels, we will have civil war in this country. As for God, check out Matthew, Mark and Luke.


—John H. Burns