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Warning: to all who use plastic for purchases, whether at the local stores or on the internet. Hackers are out there.

I am a victim. I’m retired and on S.S.I. disability. I look forward to every third day of the month, to pay my household bills and get my monthly groceries.

With that said, I can’t do those things this month. There was nothing on my card at 6 a.m. My heart just fell to my stomach. I felt sick! I contacted my S.S.I. agency office and they said that it was “transferred to my card at midnight.” At 12:30 a.m., my funds were gone. By who? No idea.

Maybe someone from here, in Minnesota, or even out of state, but somebody out there is enjoying my $900, leaving me high and dry with bills to pay and no food. Just lots of tears and worries.

I had my card replaced and changed the PIN. Still no funds in it.

You don’t have to be rich or have a big company business to get hacked. Ordering from the internet is a big mistake. I only did that twice, but never again. Who knows who can get a hold of your information. It’s out there in cyberspace.

Please, for your own protection, change you PIN often. I never thought it could happen to me, but it did and I feel helpless.

—L. Schoep


Making a Difference

Have you checked your “backtrail” lately? That challenge that went out about six months ago, did you start helping someone, or maybe several someones, to have a better life because you care?

We tend to start things and then drift off, so we don’t “carry through” like we intend to do.

The bottom line is: good intentions deserve some attention, so the good we hope to do can continue. There are so many needs out there as we age or just get busy, we can lose track of details which are, and should be important. When was the last time I told my wife I love her? Or my kids, or better yet, my grandkids? We can’t remember when we changed the oil on the car or took out the trash, or when we checked our bank balance or the tire pressure. When was the last time we said a prayer thanking God for the good things we have to enjoy in our lives? I forget, we all do. Not good, but very normal.

Please give that resolve a chance to work. Go back, dust it off, try again and you’d be amazed at the good you can do with a little attention.

The fair is coming up July 26-30. This might be a great time to check that backtrail. Take someone out to the fair for a treat or a special event so our good resolves don’t just slip that much further. God bless you!

—Dave Swenson,