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Fair Analysis

Have you noticed the donation of time and talent that goes into making a fair 2-3-4-5 days a success? In my estimation, very few places other than our homes, churches or our schools do we find so much donated time and treasure than at our county fairs. God bless your generosity.

I’m more convinced all the time that we have a great area and community to draw all this talent and goodwill from. We have so many committed fair board members, commissioners, exhibitors, 4-H members, FFA and commercial persons who contribute so much to make it all successful. The other part of this is the people who so readily came to enjoy, talk, visit, watch and participate as generally interested citizens of the area. Lots of South Dakota people in on the three and a half days that I was there. Very favorable comments on the entertainment provided.

The attractions were very well received and the general courtesy was great. A few incidents of misbehavior, but when we get that many people together that probably will happen.

I commend the planners, volunteers, display and making so much happen in a short expanse of time. The weather was perfect, and now we can concentrate on praying that we get good crops and our economic issues turn out better than we could imagine. God bless all.

—Dave Swenson


Civility vs. hostility

I was in charge of an Air Force 3 Doc clinic at Luke AFB, Arizona, from 1998-2001. My Medical Director was a reliable, steady, and sharp clinician, well liked by his patients. He was a role model for his subordinate docs and I depended on him. He happened to be Muslim -  he could have been Unitarian for all I cared. Good fellow, good family man.

I now work in a civilian 5 Doc clinic, and two of them happen to be Muslim. They are reliable and sharp clinicians - well liked by their patients. Good docs, good family guy and gal. They could be Episcopalians, for all I care.

They, like Dawson’s Dr. Virji, are American citizens. They pay taxes, obey our laws, would defend our country if called upon, and disapprove of ISIS, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda. Me too.

Please Google “Malala” and “Nobel Peace Prize winner 2014.” Malala, a Muslim girl, got whacked by the Taliban for doing a very American thing - advocating education for girls and freedom of speech. The Taliban very nearly succeeded in murduring her for her efforts. The Norwegian Nobel Committee rightly recognized her perseverence and heroism. I am a fourth generation Norwegian. I am not so much a fan of the Muslim faith, but I am a very, very big fan of the First Amendment. I stand with Dr. Virji.

I request that Dr. Virji and his family be treated with civility and respect. They have earned it.

—David M. Larson

San Antonio, TX,

Monte, Class of 1971

In Trump we trust?

How can we trust Trump? I’m 100% behind the states that declined to send voters information to the Trump administration; that information could very well be forwarded to Russia. By the way, does Vladimir Putin have something so bad on Donald Trump that Trump is speculating firing Jeff Sessions (Attorney General), Rod Rosenstein  (Deputy AG) and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and also thinking of pardoning everyone?

—Alfred Waddell

Hyannis, MA