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Pay it forward - revisited

We as Christians had the ultimate example, now it’s our turn. How can we repay all the kindness shown to us as we lead lives of gratitude, and wanting that to be spread?

We can visit the sick. Feed the hungry. Visit lonely persons -  the elderly came to mind most readily. We can donate unused and unwanted items to others directly, or to many organizations who practice redistribution of goods at very reasonable rates, or free of charge.

We can support organizations who give out free clothing or food. The Salvation Army, Prairie Five, CAC Clothing Bank. The food shelf is one of the best organizations for feeding the hungry. We eased up the rules to make it possible to visit once a month, or on special cases, even more often.

We have a fine network of organizations to donate money, food, or clothing, and many other items we cannot use so others may make use of them. Now Habitat For Humanity stations are out there to donate, otherwise surplus or unused unneeded building materials.

Consider all the good you can do by simply seeking places you can pay it forward.

— Dave Swenson,


Skating in circles

That is what the vandalism done to the hockey rink fence at Larson Park reminds me of.

I live one block west of the park, and walk my dog around that area quite often.

Sections of the fence are destroyed, then repaired by the Park Department, and after a period of time the cycle continues.

It surprises me that anyone living close by does not hear or see anything. That kind of damage cannot be done quietly. Maybe having the lights on after dark would help the situation.

We are very fortunate to have this park for picnics, a playground for the kids, and skating for all ages.

To those who are doing this, my advice is to find something “constructive” to do. That would be the opposite of “destructive.” The meaning of those two words are in the dictionary in case you do not know the difference. I have a few words on what I think about your behavior, but much to my regret they are not in the dictionary for you to look up!

— Ginny Ryer,