The American-News welcomes letters of opinion from our readers.

The American-News welcomes letters of opinion from our readers. Letters regarding current local and national news items are encouraged. All letters are subject to editing for length and style. Letters containing potentially libelous or obscene statements will not be published. Letters must contain name, address and phone number for verification and in case of questions. E-mail letters to: Letters may also be mailed to:  Editor, Montevideo Publishing, P.O. Box 99, Montevideo, MN 56265

A little kindness goes a long way

When one neighbor helps another we strengthen our communities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my friends at the Refuge Church for scraping, priming, and painting my house. Without your time, effort and hard work, this wouldn’t have happened. You stood by me in my time of need. You gave me excellent, high quality work, even though you all lead busy lives. The help you gave me is a clear demonstration of why you are a shining example in this community.

You embody kindness, generosity, and so much more. I have the privilege of having such supportive and helpful friends and neighbors. Barry and Heidi Brace, you are a blessing to me.

Barry, you were at my house almost every day in the hot sun working. Thank you to Gary Koosman, Dale and Jan Enstad. The work you did is so appreciated. David Hildahl, thank you for shoveling my walkway every winter, Harold Kruckman thank you for keeping weeds out of my yard, and Harlan, thank you for all the fixing things you’ve done for me. I need to send God a thank you card because you are all a gift from him!

—Linda Olson


Veterans - yes, we care

What does a VFC (Veteran Friendly Community) look like to you? I’d really like to have our veterans specifically ask themselves this, and perhaps respond to that question - Vet’s Day - 11/11/2017. Or write a letter to our paper to express your view. We have many organizations and businesses which go out of their way to help our vets and families in the near and Montevideo area. God bless you all.

We have one example the Vet’s Pheasant Hunt at Heritage Preserve near Granite Falls on Oct. 7, at 8 a.m. Breakfast and the rest of the day is related to trying to show gratitude to our vets. We provide leaders, prizes, dogs, and plenty of pheasants. The hunt goes to noon, then dinner and while our guests eat. Their birds that have been shot are prepared for pan-readiness by volunteers. Great event! Thanks!

To VITO, Twin Rivers Deer Hunter’s Association, Pheasants Forever and some others that deserve a “thanks” and credit. We are working on other special events and wish to thank Jan Payne and Steve James who run a lot of time and energy with others to do these events. I got the idea started five years ago - long overdue.

I talked to one vet this week. He said “no one had ever invited him to such an event with lots of thought involved.”

We are still working on a veteran’s home in Montevideo. We have a great veteran’s clinic. We do all we can, but maybe you have ideas, time and energy to enhance what is being done and planned.

—Dave Swenson,