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Shameful acts of vandalism

In our season of Christmas celebration, the Montevideo Lions spend many hours and dollars creating a light display in Smith Park. There are a few behind the scenes helpers and we are grateful for their assistance. Troy, of Troy’s Electric provides a temporary electric hookup every year so we can have light on the west side of the park. Our city crew puts up over a thousand lights on three large pine trees for an outstanding gift of light, and the city covers the minimal cost of electricity to give our citizens a nice display to celebrate the season. Many Montevideo businesses have donated to the purchase of the lighting, and the train just north of City Hall was built by Brian Alber’s class over the last five years, so the lights truly belong to everyone in the community.

  Last Wednesday the city crew put the light strings up on the trees. By Thursday the vandals had cut many of the strings. More lights were purchased and the city crew (bless them) put up the new strings on Friday. Friday night the strings were cut again, repairs were made, and over the weekend the strings were cut once more. The tree lights will come down with no further lighting this year.

  The Lions club is offering a $200 reward to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the apprehension of the persons responsible for the damage.

—Merrie Bertrand


Everyone was stirring...

Montevideo area really knows how to celebrate Christmas for young families and grandparents alike. Christmas in the Village probably broke every record we had previously made. The weather was superb and the spirit of Christmas oozed out of everybody and every spot on the grounds. Horse-drawn rides, the radio show, bargains galore and the atmosphere of our antique village come to life. June Lynne would be proud of us all and the effort made to commemorate her life and work here. God bless her work and memory and all who helped make it so. The area Chamber of Commerce at the VFW with goodies and lots of fun for all ages with Santa no less. The firetruck rides were a huge hit as well.

  The Montevideo-Chippewa County Public Library had goodies, stories, crafts to be built and lots of activities for the young and young of heart. Right next door was Troop 259 of the Boy Scouts of America making s’mores (free of charge) served with wood smoke and all the fixins.

  The Main Street was alive with merchants and merchandise, then Santa came on the scene at 5:00 with a firetruck drive through main street. Lined with people and the kids it was just electric. The weather accomodated as well as we soaked up the atmosphere of Christmas.

  Bless everyone who helped make it so, the parents and grandparents wo brought out the children and all the fun that could be had. Merry Christmas to all-we try to do it right.

—Dave Swenson