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Volunteer opportunities

Although the holidays are over, our local food shelf still needs your help. Of course donations are vital, but so are willing volunteers. There are three reasons that I recommend that anyone and everyone whose schedules allow them to do so volunteer at the Chippewa County Prairie Five Food Shelf: First of all, it will dispel any stereotypes that you might have about those who use government services. The people who use the food shelf are our neighbors. They work, they love their children, and they contribute to the community as they are able. Secondly, it is a minimal commitment. You can help out at days and times that work best for you, and there is absolutely no pressure to maintain a regular schedule. I am one of several “on call” people who Sam contacts as needed. Finally, working at the food shelf is tremendously rewarding. I guarantee that you will be amazed by how much nutritious food is distributed just in Chippewa county. Sam, Mary, and the many volunteers with whom I have worked are warm and friendly people, and there are many opportunities to laugh and joke with each other and with the clients. If you have been considering volunteerism, I strongly encourage you to contact Sam Lye at Prairie Five. You don’t need to be able to lift heavy objects, do complicated math, or diagram sentences to help out. The only ability that counts is availability.

—Matt Danielson


New Year resolutions

Do you make them? Do you keep them? Or are they made only to be broken? Too much to think about? They can be made later in the year and might just be made better and keep better if left to later life too.

  I’ve only made one new years resolution which I intend to keep. Want to hear it? If it’s good and important and something I really must act on - do it. How has that worked, you ask? Well...pretty well I’d guess and that’s why I’ve made no more or less.

  We can out think ourselves at times and that can lead to problems. Failure to think and plan can lead to even bigger problems. We are all responsible for our actions and need to plan to help ourselves and those we are responsible for and to.

  Life gets really complicated at times, but we don’t need to rely only on ourselves. God’s out there and is very willing to help if we only trust, believe and act accordingly. Life is so much easier if we rely on Him to guide, lead and carry our burdens. We do need to rely on Him and provide some horsepower or we just sit there too. He loves you - ask him.

—Dave Swenson