September 2022

JoAnne I. Peterson

 JoAnne I. Peterson, 84, of Glenwood died Sunday, September 25, 2022, at Glenwood Retirement Village. A Celebration of Life service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 19…

Waunita Joan Kanten

 Waunita Joan Kanten of rural Milan passed away from this life Tuesday, September 27, 2022, at the Benson Hospital, at the age of 87. Funeral services will be held Monday, October…

Prairie Notebook

For those of us whose tomatoes were green all summer long, we are able to finally rejoice this first week of autumn as our plants have finally decided to “glow” red -perhaps a serious blush because they were so late? I’ve put up more cans of tomato sauce in the last week than I had red tomatoes on the vine on Labor Day. Maybe I should be thanking the beginning of autumn/ fall for that? After all, it is the season of the harvest!

Thunder Hawks defeat Lakers at home 45-18

The Thunder Hawks took on Minnewaska at home Friday night for a sweeping 45-18 victory. Leaders in that game included Francis O’Malley who went for 348 yards (a school record), with seven rushing touchdowns and 26 carries.

Autumn Experience Series: Iverson Tree Farm

com Iverson Tree Farm has been hosting their annual Farm Fall Festival since 2019, with activities and more on the Tree Farm’s grounds each weekend throughout the season. Iverson Tree Farm was purchased by rural Belview cattle farmer Cody Nelson and his wife Mel in 2019 from former owner Ron Iverson.

“Why Some People Are Not Saved”

Whether it be because of the arrival of Judgment Day or a person’s death, when this life is over, will everyone be saved? No, everyone will not be saved. Why will some people not be saved? Because of their rejection of the risen Christ. Why would countless numbers of people around the world reject salvation that is offered free of charge?

From the Editor’s Desk

When I recently interviewed Troy Huntley about his North American Sturgeon Championship win, he mentioned that the competition was a lot of fun, and suggested I should try it sometime. I had to point out that I haven’t been fishing since I was a child, and likely wouldn’t even remember how the whole thing works.

Beyond Reason

Time After Time The funny thing about time is it’s always something I wish I had more of but the moment I have some actual free time on my hands, I have no idea what to do with it. I mean, where do I start? I could use my time to learn a new language.

Watson receives Small Cities Development grant

The City of Watson is a recipient of a Small Cities Development Program Grant. If you live in the City of Watson and have any questions about Fair Housing, please call Bernice Robinson at Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commission 320.289.1981 extension 103.