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Just a spot on the map
What makes some towns just spots on a map and some towns “communities”? Communities to be proud of and communities that one looks forward to returning to, whether it is for a short visit or to once again live.

I graduated in 1981 and was “home” this past weekend for my 30th class reunion. When I left Monte long ago, it wasn’t just a spot on the map. It was a community — a great place to grow up.

A real community is made strong by good religious leaders, a strong education system, and personable law enforcement officials all working together for the sake of the community members.

When I graduated Monte­video had all that. Coming back this weekend it was clear that something had changed.

What happened to Monte’s cops? The older generation cops used to bust up parties, chase kids home yet make darn sure that everyone got home safely. They took keys, drove people home and called parents for rides. They visited with us and got to know us, yet they still did their jobs.

My experience this weekend was that they are out to get people, not protect them. It’s the talk around town everywhere I went how the local cops are harassing people at night, setting traps to catch drunk drivers, sitting on the hills overlooking the local bars and waiting for people to leave so they can stop them.

Why is stopping people for going three to five miles over the speed limit something they do in the evening, but not during the day? That is not a sign of drunk driving and everyone does it. If it’s dangerous then it’s dangerous 24/7 and should be enforced 24/7.

Why were they circling around Goodfellows and the country club that weekend but they are no where to be found on Wednesday night when the “big guys” are golfing?

Why do they stop the same bartender leaving her job at least four times, never finding that she had been drinking?
We had two classmates get stopped that weekend (that I know of). Neither of them was driving drunk. Except for where they came from and the time of night, there wasn’t a reason to stop them.

I’m not advocating drinking and driving, but a line between keeping the public safe and harassment has been crossed.

Coming home this weekend really made me appreciate the cops of old. Thanks guys for all you did for the kids and the community of Montevideo way back when.
—Linda Klein

Support your food shelf
We gathered for a friend’s birthday. What is newsworthy about that? Our friend requested instead of birthday gifts for her, we bring items for the Food Shelf.

She said I could share her idea if I didn’t use her name.
Question to you, the reader. Do your children like peanut butter? So do the children who use the Food Shelf.
—Lois Anderson