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WAKE UP CALL!: Would you use a Bite Counter?

EDITING WORDS: AP introduces style guide for 9/11 terms

BEST OF THE DAY: Back to school callout ideas


FALL HOME & GARDEN: Learn about eco-roofs, ideas for bold and cozy kitchens, new shower doors a simple bathroom upgrade

KIDZBUZZ: Making friends at school


CAREERS SERIES: Four pages on starting a business, finding a new career and succeeding at the job you have

FALL OUTDOOR LIVING: Tips on deer hunting season, how to prevent kids from getting lost outdoors, advice on getting a more accurate rifle

LABOR DAY PAGE: Industries that are hiring now


HEALTH WATCH: Athletes and heat -- weekly Health Watch with why coaches, athletes and nurses need to be trained on heat-related illness, West Nile Virus reports in Europe, the importance of folate for pregnant women and more. By GHNS

KIDS' STRESS: Help your kids deal with stress and school  -- The reality is kids do feel pressure from any number of sources. What is often dismissed as laziness, selfishness or brattiness may be a response to intense or persistent stress. Dan Naumovich/ State Journal-Register (Ill.)

KIDS/MATH: Solving America's math challenge -- It’s a capitulation that’s been made by countless right-brained people throughout history: “Maybe I’m just not good at math.” “Hokum,” says Deborah DeBenedictis, director of the Success Centers in Weston and Wayland, Mass., which tutors students in math and reading. Scott O'Connell / MetroWest Daily News (Mass.)
*Localization tip: Replace quotes with opinions and advice from local teachers, principles and learning centers.

BUTTONED UP: How moms can organize life more easily -- From keeping your space neater at work to getting those darn dinners cooked, we've culled some of our favorite tips from over the years and put them all together in one quick and easy cheat sheet. Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore/ Scripps Howard News Service

COLLEGE COMPUTER: What kind of computer should you take to college? - If you’re looking for the best deal on a computer for your departing college student, check with the school first. You might score an educational discount by ordering the computer and software through them. While you have them on the phone, ask if there is a recommended operating system, so your student’s computer will be compatible. By Saimi Bergmann, Canton, Ohio.

YARDSMART: A more productive home landscape - While studying horticulture decades ago, there was a clear division between the "ornamental" students and the "agricultural" ones. With organic gardening now mainstream, these two polar camps are coming together. Designers are looking to add food plants to both their residential and institutional projects. To do this, they are looking more closely at varieties that have evolved over the last 20 years to make food plants better suited to the landscape. By Maureen Gilmer, Scripps Howard.

DAVID ROBSON: Heat-distressed plants can be saved --- The heat in July and August took a toll on more than a few plants. The sad news is some plants died, and because dead is dead in the plant world, you might as well remove it. State Journal-Register (Ill.)

TREASURES: Did Albrecht Durer craft this tankard? - Dear Helaine and Joe: This tankard or stein has been in the family for more than 60 years. The tankard is in mint condition and is about 15 inches tall. On the body there are the initials "AD" and the number 1514. The monogram looks like that of Albrecht Durer. Please let us know what you can about this piece and how much it is worth. Thank you, M.H., Wauconda, Ill. By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson, Scripps Howard.

SHOESTRING LIVING: The 30-day waiting period - In my years of frugal living research, I’ve come across this simple piece of advice multiple times, “When making a purchase, delay it for 30 days. If you still want to buy whatever it is then, go ahead.” Taking into consideration that the purchase is within your means is an integral piece of the puzzle here. If it is, I think the 30-day waiting period is a sound piece of advice. Here’s why. By Molly Logan Anderson, GHNS columnist.

LORETTA LAROCHE: It's time to 'wise up' - We have sacrificed wisdom and judgment for instant gratification and satisfying immediate wants. That hasn’t proven to be the best bargain we ever struck. By Loretta LaRoche, The Patriot Ledger.

JEFF VRABEL: Why is science such a loser? - So, just to straighten this out, just to quell the controversy, there's a new study that says watching TV is a drain on your lifeforce somehow? WELL THANKS FOR KEEPING ME CURRENT, SCIENCE. What's next on the list? Is it teleporting? I hope it's teleporting. By Jeff Vrabel, GHNS columnist.

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OUR IDIOT BROTHER FEATURE: Filmmaking is a family affair for 'Our Idiot Brother' writer and director - Musician-turned-filmmaker Jesse Peretz admitted to fighting – a lot – with his little sister, Evgenia, when they were kids. “We fought in that intense way you do when you’re 18 months apart,” Peretz, 43, said. As adults, the brother-and-sister-duo have grown from childhood arch-enemies into collaborators on the film “Our Idiot Brother,” a comedy about family dysfunction that turns out to be a valentine to the ties that bind siblings. Jesse Peretz directs from a script by Evgenia – and her documentarian husband, David Schisgal. By Dana Barbuto, The Patriot Ledger.
* Facebook idea: Ask fans if they plan to see “Our Idiot Brother.”

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BRITT CARTOON: The Obama bus tour. By Chris Britt, Springfield, Ill.

RICK HOLMES: Social Security an obligation, not an entitlement - Every year, around my birthday, I get a letter from my Uncle Sam. With each successive year, I appreciate it more, especially in those years when my retirement nest egg has shrunk rather than grown. The letter from the Social Security Administration is as specific as the promises of my 401(k) are vague. The size of my retirement accounts when I finally retire is anyone's guess, but Social Security lays it out in dollars and cents: If you retire at 66, you'll get this much a month, as long as you live. If you work until you're 70, you'll get this much. If you become disabled, here's how much you'll get each month. By Rick Holmes, MeotrWest, Mass.

KEVIN FRISCH: Play in the National Political Fantasy League -- For those of us whose interests don’t include the NFL, there is an alternative: The NPFL (National Political Fantasy League). The rules are simple: Each player selects 15 men and women from the world of politics. Daily Messenger (N.Y.)

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Business / auto / tech

AUTO BITS: Automotive technician - a great technology-based career opportunity - Weekly auto rail, with tips on becoming an auto technician, Car Q&A with Junior Damato and more. By GHNS.
* Localization tip: You can do a Q&A with a local mechanic, or have a mechanic (or mechanics) provide you with a tip of the week.

GREG ZYLA: The Checker Taxi Cab Motor Company - Greg, I enjoyed the article on the USPS delivery vans and wonder if you can shed some light on those great Checker Taxi cabs from the 1970s. Thanks, Bob L., Pennsylvania. By Greg Zyla, GHNS columnist.

SILVIO CALABI: The optimal Kia - Coming out of a meeting into the parking lot one night last week, I squint at the keys that were thrust into my hands a moment earlier: K-I-A. There’s a lovely Jaguar coupe lurking next to a midsize Merc, nope, not them, or the monster Ram pickup. I don’t see a Kia. And it’s raining. Finally it dawns on me to trigger the keyfob. As I home in on the flashing lights I think, That’s a Kia? That long, sleek thing with the attitude and the fancy wheels? By Silvio Calabi, GHNS columnist.

ON COMPUTERS: Next big thing is up there in the clouds - The death of personal hard drive storage is no fantasy. It’s happening, fast, and it makes too much sense to fail. By Jim Hillibish, Canton, Ohio.

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OUTDOORS: Oak Duke: Food plots change deer hunting - they take the wild out - Years and years of bow hunting for whitetail deer has shown us that each year is different from the last. Buck sign and buck travel routes show up in different places. And yet there are those most self-evident constants that we as deer hunters cherish. By Oak Duke, Wellsville, N.Y.

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