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Show up for our children
The next school referendum meeting is Monday, Oct. 3, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.  Everyone with an interest in the education of our children and maintaining our community’s strengths should attend, or at least vote yes on Nov. 8 and spread the word to vote yes.

The referendum has two parts. Part 1 is to increase the operating referendum to keep what we currently have in school and to eliminate the chance of losing programs. Part 2 is to get back on the forefront of education by supporting technology, curriculum and program updates.

Part 1: For about $40 per year, or about 77 cents per week per household on homes valued at $100,000, our schools will be able to continue providing quality well rounded education while maintaining appropriate class sizes. We won’t lose things such as band, music, choir, agricultural and technical classes, sports, and other classes and programs important to the education and development of our children.

Part 2: For about $73 per year, or about $1.40 per week per home valued at $100,000, our schools will be able to update teaching technology and textbooks to put Montevideo back at the top of education innovation. This will keep our children up to date with the quickly changing world and better prepare them for the future.

For about every dollar we contribute via the levy, the state matches it. Add to that a higher quality of education, that’s a pretty good return on investment in our children and community.

Our schools are providing the education to our daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors who will become our future colleagues, coworkers, employees, business owners, educators, community leaders, and everyone else that our community relies on. We need to support their and our futures.

Spread the word and vote yes on Nov. 8.

Show up for our kids.
—Jamie Pauling

Educated youth key to future
My husband and I were eager to be participants in the Sept. 18 community meeting on the upcoming referendum. We both feel very strongly that offering our young people a quality education is perhaps the most important part of creating a strong community.

Those of us in attendance at this meeting were asked to share a story about why voting yes on Nov. 8 was important to us. I would like to share my story with The American-News readers. 

My husband and I have three adult children who have graduated from ISD No. 129. Our daughters were very active in athletics and the arts, but we did not pay a participation fee for them to take advantage of this part of their education. This year, parents of MHS students must pay $100 per athletic activity and $60 for each fine arts activity, with a limit of $300 per student for the year.

I am dismayed to think that we are asking families, already strapped by increasing costs for food, health care, college, and gas to pay for these extracurricular acivities that once were considered part of a well-rounded education. I am truly horrified to think that a failed referendum will mean eliminating extracurricular acivities all together.

Our children (and my husband and I as students as well), were very lucky to live in a time when communities regarded education as our preparation for the future for both our communities and our nation. Paying our fair share of taxes to assure that our children and grandchildren have that advantage as well should not even be a question in our minds.

Surely if we hope to continue to be the strongest nation in the world, well-rounded, well-educated young people are the key to that future. We must vote yes to our Nov. 8 referendum.
—Georgia Hanson