The Montevideo Police Department is looking for information about a series of “MacGyver bombs” that have been heard and found around Montevideo.

The Montevideo Police Depart­ment is looking for information about a series of "Mac­Gyver bombs" that have been heard and found around Montevideo.

Over the last week, the police have found eight of the improvised "bombs," said Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher.

"These aren't your traditional idea of a bomb. There are no flames, no explosions ... they're made from a chemical reaction that creates pressure that makes them blow up. You could get chemical burns from them," Christopher said. "They make a pretty loud boom, and the chemical gets strewn about. If it blew up too close a person could potentially get chemicals on them, and if it got in the eyes that would be pretty bad."

The bombs are typically created by mixing aluminum and chemicals inside a plastic pop bottle.

Christopher said that the occurrence isn't particularly uncommon.

"We had another stretch in the early 2000s in town here. There is hardly a city that hasn't had a pop bottle bomb of some kind occlusionally," he said.

Five bombs were detonated near the 100 block of South Fifth Street during the evening of Monday, July 8, and the morning of Wednesday, July 10.

They were found laying around back yards and in alleyways.

"(Whoever is responsible) is probably just liking the big noise they make. I would be hard pressed to think they're actually trying to hurt someone, but the potential is there," Christopher said.

He pointed out that there are children living nearby where the bombs were found, and that there could be danger if one were to be picked up by the wrong hands.

The Montevideo Police Department is able to offer rewards for information that leads to arrests.