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The American-News welcomes letters of opinion from our readers. Letters regarding current local and national news items are encouraged. All letters are subject to editing for length and style. Letters containing potentially libelous or obscene statements will not be published. Letters must contain name, address and phone number for verification and in case of questions. E-mail letters to: Letters may also be mailed to:  Editor, Montevideo Publishing, P.O. Box 99, Montevideo, MN 56265


Vote for Tim Miller – not for Minneapolis

While Paul Schwarz’s recent letter missed the mark, it inspired me to address the issue that the state house race is about – representing OUR district.


How has Falk performed on school funding? The gap between rural schools and Minneapolis/St. Paul schools grew even larger under Falk-enabled metro house Democrat control last session. Our current representative even voted for the education finance bill, sending 34 percent more money to Minneapolis students than to our students! Is he representing us, or Minneapolis?


How about property taxes?  Last session, Falk imposed a brand new property tax on every parcel of property in our district and voted for a myriad of other taxes on farmers, from a gift tax on farmers who pass the farm to the next generation – to a new sales tax on farm machinery repair. In the past year, farm property taxes have increased 10 percent to 17 percent across our entire district!  Earth to Andrew – are you listening, Andrew?


What has Andrew Falk done to help the community of Appleton recover? Nothing. The Prairie Correctional Facility still sits empty while Falk has voted again and again to use $111 million of our tax money to build state-run corrections facilities in St. Peter and Moose Lake.


What has Andrew Falk done to grow agriculture in our area?  Recently, we heard the Riverview Dairy proposal, constituting over $50 million in private investment and bringing a significant number of good paying ag sector jobs to our area, was rejected by Governor Dayton’s metro-focused MPCA Advisory Committee appointees. If Andrew Falk cannot work with people in his own party to help our area, just who CAN he work with?


A vote for Andrew Falk is a vote for Minneapolis. Join me in voting for Tim Miller for State Representative, a leader who will remember who he represents.

—Barb Ulferts



Take a look at the candidates

When it comes time to vote, I look at the various candidates and try to zero in on the candidate(s) who possess values similar to mine.


It is important that my Representative believe in a limited government that follows Minnesota’s constitution; one that recognizes the people are  in charge and actually listens to them. I want a Representative who isn’t going to St. Paul to write new regulations that strangle farmers and small business owners and will work to eliminate onerous regulations currently on the books.


It is important that my Representative understands how to work within a budget and won’t be inclined to vote for a multi-million dollar legislative office building (against the wishes of the voters).  My Representative would fight against forced unionization, he would work to keep more of our tax dollars here, not in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and he would work against the “gift” tax on farm inheritance so farm families don’t have to liquidate to pay their taxes. Another important issue for my Representative would be to end the income tax on veteran pensions; our vets have paid enough. I want to see drug testing for anyone on welfare and it wouldn’t hurt to test our legislators as well; I want my Representative to agree to that.  I would also want him to end tax-payer funding of abortions.  No matter how you feel about abortion, tax payers should not foot the bill. I want a Representative that will uphold the 2nd Amendment – well, all of them actually but the gun control crowd is unrelenting so I want someone who won’t back down and is ready to defend my right to own a gun.  


I’ve looked at the candidates.  I feel that when Andrew Falk went to St. Paul, we became a distant memory. He’s totally out of touch. My pick is Tim Miller.  He worked to put himself through college so he’s no stranger to hard work. His Army Reserve background is evidence of his willingness to serve. I feel that Tim will work hard for all of the people in House District 17A.

—Patty Hahn



A rose by any other name

Do you hear that sound sort of like a faraway train leaving the station? No wait, that’s not a train it's the ,sound of jack boots and they aren’t on the Champs-Elysees in 1940 either. Is it possible that fascism could be alive and well in the United States of America? William Shakespeare said “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” By the same token a darkness coached in another name would still be darkness. In keeping with this let us compare modern liberal progressivism with fascism.


Prior to World War II, the fascist movement in Europe was widely viewed as a progressive social movement by liberal and left wing progressives in the United States and applauded by many of them as a valuable experiment. How are some of the American Progressive movement’s desires and methods a kin to fascism?


Political correctness is a prime example whereby the population is induced by government directed social sanction to speak in only an approved way and thereby think in an approved way. You must not say this, you must not think that. Ever notice the amount of national apologizing going on from the woefully shameful, politically incorrect? The mainstream media must be complicit with government in this shaming.


Another example is interference by government in the economy, such as the government takeover of the health care industry, interference in the auto, housing, energy and banking industries. As Benito Mus­so­lini said “The principal that the state no longer leaves the economy to its own devices.”


Redistribution of wealth is a classic exhibition of fascism in manifesting itself in entitlements as there is created class warfare. The biggest entitlement society that ever existed was National Socialist Germany with Aryan peoples looked after from cradle to grave and others demonized in order to extract wealth for redistribution. Anyone notice how the rich are castigated by this current ad­ministration for being selfishly wealthy?


The government leader enacting fiats to control the countries resources and appointing individuals to handle these resources as leaders in various divisions of society. The appointment of czars is a German principal called the “Fuhrer Pirinzip” or leader principal which actually removes government from the will of the people and also creates a shadow government within the government. If the government falls the shadow government than takes over with all czars connected to the leader by an um­bilical cord of indebtedness each with his own separate fiefdom. Straight up fascism.


The creation of bogy men to enhance the power of the state. You had best adhere to us or terrible things will happen. A prime example being the fear intimidation factor inclusive in global warming. If Hitler had employed global warming to gain power, instead of scapegoating Europe’s Jews, a lot of Jewish people would still be alive. Global warming has been politicized to increase state power.


The state gradually enfolds everything and at first people vote for entitlement living rather than working for a living. Porous borders can produce an influx of millions of new potential voters to assure the party in power does not get out of power. The end object? One party, no more voting. Fascism aka Progressivism becomes the religion of the state, as everything is gradually covered by the shadow of big government.


We had best carefully test the scent of this current progressive rose. There are different varieties of fascists as there are different varieties of roses some manifest in bullying, some manifest as a nanny,state a la the former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s vision.

—Doug Hodge



Alzheimer’s Walk thank yous

First I’d like to thank everyone in the community and at the Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital for their generous donations to the CCMH Team who walked in the “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” in Willmar on Oct. 6. Your donations earned our team the “Top Rookie Fundraising Team” award with contributions of about $1,500.  We were so proud to represent our community!  


I’d also like to thank the American-News for printing an article and a photo of the two teams from Montevideo who participated in the walk in their Oct. 6 edition.  Unfortunately, the photo cutline and article had numerous errors.  A correction was submitted last week but this also contained the wrong information.  


I’d like to accurately recognize the two organizations and their individual members who walked: Home Front First (Kristy Pauling, Kaylee Pauling, Kassey Pauling, Lori Peterson, Stacy Jensen, Shirley Reiffenberger and Cheryl Hurley) and CCMH (Gretchen Reeves, Susan Spieker, Christina Spieker, Melissa Anderson, Sueann Paulson, Della Tazelaar and Zach Rickman).  Together we are walking the path of dementia care!

—Gretchen Reeves

Team Captain-CCMH



Vote your conscience

My fellow Minnesotans and citizens – We need heads up and become aware of the real issues at stake in this election. We have a Senate that can help elect up to five seats in the Supreme Court in the next few years. With a president that uses his power autocratically; the Senate and he could push this issue very hard and succeed to change this nation dramatically for many years toward a more liberal approach yet. Abortion-on-demand all nine months (including Obama’s favorite – partial birth abortion – has gone on far too long and it’s killed 57 million potential Americans (citizens); all wasted-killed.


We have so many issues to look after here at home. Let’s keep these people busy changing our lives for the better, not the lack of love they show – apathy – we now have with Governor Dayton, U.S. Senators Franken and Klobuchar and Minnesota Representative Andrew Falk. Vote so it counts. Vote your future.

—Dave Swenson



Think before you vote

In March 2013, there was a vote by the United States Senate on United Nations Resolution 2117. It had to do with firearm control and the most important part to many of us was Point No. 11.


It calls for member states (nations) to support weapon collection and disarmament of all United Nations countries. Thankfully it was defeated in the Senate by a 53-46 vote.


Both of Minnesota United States Senators voted for it. That means both Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken voted for it. The right to bear arms is a constitutional right under our United States Constitution. How could either of these Senators vote for such a thing when they have taken an oath to defend and support the U.S. Constitution?


At this point there is nothing that we can do about Senator Klobuchar as she has four more years left in her term, but we can do something about Senator Franken. At the election on Nov. 4, we can defeat Senator Franken by voting for Mike McFadden. He would support our constitution instead of trying to destroy it.


Our forefathers gave us the right under law to bear arms and that should be protected under all circumstances. Remember if this had passed our government could have collected all guns. For all of you who own guns, think about this when you vote and vote for Mike McFadden for United States Senator.

—Harold Peterson



Minnesota animals in research catch a break

On May 20 , Governor Day­ton signed the Beagle Freedom Bill. Minnesota became the first state in the U.S. and the first political body in the world to mandate that laboratory dogs and cats be adopted when the research is over. According to the USDA APHIS, there are approximately 354 cats and 406 dogs in custody at the U of M. The length of time an animal is used depends on the research being done. Some animals may be as young as 3 weeks (used in utero testing while their mother was pregnant), some are used in other units for additional research, some are transferred to the vet school for teaching procedures, or euthanized. Some are used for more than 10 years.


This legislation was long over-due. The law states if a cat or dog is used in taxpayer- funded research, and is in good health, it must be put up for adoption through a non-profit animal rescue organization. On average, only about 10 percent of dogs used in research are adoptable at the end of their research lives. According to information gathered, in our state, only the University of Minnesota does taxpayer-funded research on cats and dogs. This law does not apply to private institutes that use animals in research.


Remarkable Legislators put their names, time, skills, and hearts on the line in grafting this bill and working for its passage. Key legislators are Senator Scott Dibble, Senator Dick Cohen, Representative John Lesch, Representative Tim Huntley, Senator Patricia Torres Ray, Senator Jim Carlson, Representative Raymond Dehn, Representative Frank Homstein, Representative Paul Rosenthal, Representative Susan Alien, Representative Rick Hansen, and Representative Joe Radinovich.

For additional information please check

—Shirley Taggert



A great asset

I recently went to the Chippewa County Recorder office for help with some abstract and legal description problems. Amy Rodeberg was at the counter to assist me. Some of my abstracts were messed up from years ago. Amy kept digging up info until my problem was figured out.


She was pleasant to work with and knows her job. She seems to really enjoy working there. Amy would be a great asset to the Recorder’s office.

—T.A. Lauritsen

Rental Property



Campaign tricks

The oldest campaign trick is front and center in District 17A. It goes like this. If you want to obscure, cloud or hide your record, (instead of debating issues), you accuse or charge your opponent of using Dirty Tricks, Half Truths and Negative Ads.


Representative Andrew Falk did vote yes on a new inheritance and property tax on farms.


He did vote yes for a $90 million legislative building.


He did vote no to require drug testing on welfare recipients AND legislators.


He did vote yes on same sex marriage, (our county voted 67% no)


Now the kicker! How do you think He voted on bill #HF826 on April 8. 2014? This bill takes local control away from each school district and gives it to the state, to decide what age to teach same sex marriage, be it Kindergarten or K12. Given his record of voting with the Big Cities legislators and agreeing with the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Committee (LGBT), what would be your best guess? The above are not half truths or dirty tricks or even negative ads. They are the Records from 20013-14 for Rep. Falk.


For representing your values at the state from Dist. 17A – vote Tim Miller.

—Lyle Henning



Peterson voted for the Senior Citizen Tax

That’s right, he voted for (HR 2264) establishing a 2nd tier of the Senior Citizen Tax.  Double taxing Social Security Benefits with revenue going to the Medicare Trust Fund.  Check Line 20b on your 1040 Form, if the value is greater than “0” you are paying the Senior Citizen Tax.


When Collin Peterson retires, he will receive a Pension from the Federal Government plus Medicare, but he will be exempt from paying the “Senior Citizen tax.” He voted to exempt himself and other government employees not on Social Security from paying the double tax.


Electing Torrey Westrom solves taxing problems, he understands how the “Senior Citizen Tax” works and how high taxes force companies out of states and countries. With his farming background he understands farm subsidies and will work for all businesses including farmers.  


Torrey is an amazing man, even with blindness caused by an accident he completed law school, was elected to both the Minnesota House of Representative and Minnesota Senate, now running for US Congress.


Republicans & Democrats, join forces, vote for Growth and Prosperity by voting for Torrey Westrom.

—Donald Davenport

Retired American

Battle Lake


Outstanding leadership on farm policies

Long-standing farm and business champion, Congressman Collin Peterson, is being challenged this year by a little known but aggressively promoted state senator from near Fergus Falls. I think it’s good for democracy when our representatives have to work for their dinner so to speak and Mr. Peterson is certainly doing that.


But for 7th District voters, the choice will be relatively easy. Although the Congressman is being attacked by frequent mailings to residents carrying a toxic mix of misleading charges, no amount of unsubstantiated mud slinging is going to wipe from voter’s memories the years of Peterson’s outstanding leadership on the crucial Farm Bill, which he has always managed to snatch from the fire of a divided Congress just in the nick of time.


Peterson’s work has made possible a policy change from direct payments to farmers to a system of crop insurance which is a better fit with the coming challenges of severe weather, heavy rainfall, and persistent re-occuring drought. His leadership has also resulted in farm policy which is gently nudging farmers to practices which can better withstand bad weather and save our soil for future generations.


He achieved these goals by working closely with his House colleagues in both parties, earning their friendship and respect. It would be foolish, indeed, for voters to select an unknown with an undistinguished record over a giant like Peterson.

—Jeanne Johnson