Local events and meetings for the day.

For changes call 320-269-2156, Fax: 320-269-2159 or (non-office hours) e-mail to mbutzin@montenews.com  Office Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8-5p.m., Fri. 8-3 p.m.

Regular Weekly and Monthly Meetings:

•NA: Every Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church.

•Gluten Intolerance Support Group - For individuals with an intolerance to gluten/wheat or diagnosed with celiac disease. Jan Bartell: (320) 297-1103 or (320) 598-3355 or Anna Landmark: (320) 226-4569.

•Sexual Abuse Survivors Support Group: Meets weekly. For more information, call (320) 269-7397 or 888-564-4894.

•Women’s Issues Therapy Group: Call (320) 235-5411.

Other Area Events:

•Dec. 15-17: HYPE15 Presents Escape the Room: Holiday Edition - 6:30 p.m., Hutchinson Center for the Arts, 15 Franklin St. SW, Hutchinson. You have 45 minutes to Escape The Room Before The Grinch Steals Christmas! For more information visit www.hutchinsonarts.org/engage/hype-15 email info@hutchinsonarts.org or call (320) 587-7278.

•Dec. 16-18: Sounds of the Season: A Holiday Variety Show - Dec. 16-17 7:30 p.m., Dec. 18 2 p.m., The Barn Theatre, 321 4th St. SW, Willmar. Join two children as they are trying to watch their favorite holiday classic cartoons and Christmas shows on a Saturday morning only to be constantly interrupted by a group of carolers from the West Central Singers who are trying to convince the children to join them on their outing of caroling around town. Information and tickets at www.barntheatre.com or (320) 235-9500.