Q: Dear Trooper Troy: I have two questions for you.

Q: Dear Trooper Troy:  I have two questions for you. Do I need a hood on my car to operate it legally? What is the law regarding vehicle fenders and tires sticking out beyond the sides of a vehicle?

A: Trooper Troy Says: There is nothing in Minnesota law requiring a hood on a motor vehicle while in transport.  

Minnesota law states that “Every passenger automobile shall have fenders, or other devices, that are designed to prevent, as far as practicable, water, dirt, or other material being thrown up and to the rear by the wheels of the vehicle.”  So every vehicle MUST have fenders.  In reference to wheels sticking out, if the wheels go out beyond the outside of the vehicle, then they would NOT be in compliance with the law. If someone was to have wider wheels on their vehicle that stuck out past the fender, they would need some type of fender flare added on.  

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