The Montevideo City Council met on Monday at city hall. The main focus on the evening was a discussion and public comment on the proposed city budget for 2017.

The Montevideo City Council met on Monday at city hall. The main focus on the evening was a discussion and public comment on the proposed city budget for 2017.


The meeting was opened for public comments, but as no one stepped forward to offer comments, the public comment portion was closed and discussion of the budget commenced.


The proposed levy for the general fund  in 2017 is set to increase by $36,000 to a total of $1,236,000.


The library levy will increase by $1,200, to a total of $92,700. $61,600 of the total is paid to Chippewa County for Pioneerland, $18,000 is paid to the county for building maintenance, and $13,100 is paid to the library for books.


The total levy for operating purposes is $1,340,200.


The only special levy is for debt service. With the addition of bonds for 2016 street improvements, the debt service levy has increased by 2.7 percent, or $22,400. The total debt levy for 2017 is $848,100.


The total proposed levy for 2017 is $2,188,300, which is an increase of $59,900 over 2016.

The proposed budget for all funds has total revenues of $13,303,460 and total expenditures of $13,213,310.


Proposed general fund revenues for 2017 total $4,198,480.


Local government aid will increase by $5,450 to $2,036,750. Local government aid, which is received from the state, accounts for 48.5 percent of the general fund revenues.


The general fund is the operational fund of the city. It includes administration, police, fire, street and park, cemetery street lights, senior citizen, and community development revenues and expenditures.


The street light charge revenue is proposed to remain the same at $135,000. The rates for street light electricity are not scheduled to increase in 2017.


General fund expenditures fo 2017 will total $4,197,575. Budgeted transfers to other funds include: $71,450 to the building inspection fund, $2,500 to the airport fund, $77,000 to the swimming pool fund, $42,750 to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and $215,000 to the capital equipment and facilities fund for future equipment purchases.

Special revenue funds include the airport fund and the swimming pool.


Improvements budgeted for the airport in 2017 include a $150,000 fuel system upgrade, and a new tractor with a mounted broom for $180,000. The costs will be partially paid for by state and federal funds, with the remaining balance shared equally between the city and county.


The swimming pool fund has budgeted expenditures over revenues of $77,000. The pool is scheduled to be painted in 2017.


Expenditures budgeted from the capital equipment and facilities fund total $402,900. Departments include the police department, street department, park department, and city hall.

The 2017 street improvement construction fund has revenues and expenditures budgeted of $1,015,000.


There are five city enterprise funds. The liquor store has budgeted revenues of $2,381,900 and budgeted expenditures of $2,359,650.


The utility fund is for water and wastewater revenues. revenues are projected to be $2,625,200, while expenditures are projected to be $2,429,780 in 2017.


The water usage rate is proposed to increase three percent and the base water rate will increase to $8.00 per month. The wastewater usage rate will likewise increase by 3 percent.

Refuse fund revenues and expenditures for 2017 are budgeted at $718,000, and rates are not expected to increase.


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