Paul Gazelka, Minnesota Senate majority leader, recently appointed District 16 Sen. Gary Dahms to serve on the conference committees for the omnibus jobs and economic growth, commerce and energy bill and the omnibus tax bill.

Sen. Dahms will join four of his Senate colleagues and five members of the House of Representatives to work out the differences in the bills passed by each body.

“I am pleased that Majority Leader Gazelka has appointed me to serve on these conference committees,” said Dahms, who chairs the Senate commerce and consumer protection finance and policy committee. “I believe my experience in the private sector, as well as my years in the legislature, will allow me to bring a thoughtful, fiscally-responsible voice to the table.” 

The omnibus jobs and economic growth, commerce and energy bill was passed by the Senate in early April and spends $1.638 billion over the next two years on state agency funding, workforce development and broadband among many other areas.

The omnibus tax bill passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote, offering $900 million in tax relief to 2.3 million Minnesota households. Conference committees will begin meeting this week and continue until agreements are reached.

Upon reaching agreements, both legislative bodies will vote on the bills before sending them to the governor for his signature or veto. The Minnesota Constitution mandates that this year’s legislative session must adjourn by May 22.