For a number of years, residents of Redwood County who live in certain watersheds have been able to access state loan funding to upgrade their septic systems. The problem is those dollars were not available for everyone in the county.

That has now changed, as the Redwood County board has established a new septic loan fund with its own dollars that will offer loan funding for everyone in the county.

“The boundaries are not determined by the watershed but by the borders of the county,” said Scott Wold, Redwood County environmental office director. 

In a resolution adopted during its meeting Tuesday morning, the county board designated $200,000 in loan funds for the program.

Wold said the program took effect with approval by the commissioners. Those who are interested in updating their septic systems can do so by contacting the environmental office in the county government center.

The terms of the agreement include a loan rate of 3.5 percent, which Wold said is pretty standard for similar loans in bordering counties. The loans can be for five or 10 years, with that length determined by the borrower.

It will be the applicant’s role to find an approved contractor to design the project, added Wold, but the final design must be approved by the environmental office.

“Redwood County has an interest in ensuring all septic systems are operating properly,” stated the resolution approved by the board.

Wold said the county has been seeing about three to four septic projects each year.

Find out more by calling the environmental office at (507) 637-4023.

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency