This fall’s hurricane season was one for the record books.

This fall’s hurricane season was one for the record books. Texas, Florida, and several Caribbean islands were devastated by a string of powerful hurricanes. Reports and photos of the devastation prompted Montevideo Cenex employ­ees to take action.

“We wanted to do something to help, and we decided on having a coffee can fundraiser,” said Robin Enevoldsen, of Cenex. The fundraiser took place during the month of September, and cans were placed at all three Montevideo Cenex locations.

When the money was tallied at the end of the month, Cenex customers had donated $4,400 for hurricane relief. Enevoldsen was pleased and grateful with the response. She said, “We have such an amazing, supportive community!”

For Enevoldsen, choosing the right organization to donate the money to turned out to be a challenge. “Many charities often only give a small percentage of total donations to the people they are raising money for. One charity I looked at only sent five percent of donations to those who they were trying to help,” said Enevoldsen. “I did a lot of research. We wanted to make sure that our donations reached the people who needed help,” she added.

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