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Seventy-three years we celebrate

Fiesta is a first class celebration that started 73 years ago. This country, this community needed something to shout about after WWII ended and it became many things. Let’s celebrate all we can prove we know how.


It started with a fly-in breakfast. Free rides for under 17 years and a few older persons who were willing to pay also.


This week is dedicated to bringing out talent and limelight. The best that the Montevideo area has to celebrate. We choose those that represent us. We highlight our youth. So many businesses, so many organizations, so many talents. United we can really see the community come together to show itself and its willingness to display our people, our progress.


We now elect ambassadors to represent us. True spokespersons for us and our community. We do picnics, kiddie parades, block parties, musical acts, car show and a huge parade on sunday.


The coronation is where new persons in representation are selected. The community honors itself and so many who will represent us for the coming year. The good times roll on.


The celebration is great. The best goes on and we truly know how to celebrate not only in Fiesta, but throughout the year as we reach out elsewhere and to each other in gratitude and grace to do His work on Earth.

—Dave Swenson


Russian rubles

The current occupant of the White House is Russian president Putin’s choice. He invested quite a few Russian rubles to get his guy elected. Did he get a good return on his investment? His return on that investment has been so spectacular that it would make Warren Buffet green with envy. The current occupant has faithfully executed the Russian script in nearly every respect.


The alliance of economically advanced democracies with the USA in the lead is the major obstacle standing in the way of Putin’s desire to work his way in the world. He wants that alliance broken up with its members fighting among themselves. In that regard the current occupant has followed the Kremlin’s script dutifully and with good results for the Russian autocrat. Consider the current occupant’s recent performance at the meeting of the Group of 7 in Canada, where he went out of his way to insult and alienate the leaders of the world’s leading democracies after suggesting that Putin’s Russia (certainly no democracy) be readmitted to the group.


He left the meeting early to jet off to meet with the worst of the worst Communist dictator, Kim Jong-Un, which was not a bad thing, given that he had earlier nearly brought the world to the brink of a terrible war with his puerile behavior, exchanging schoolyard insults with Kim. At the end of the day the score was Kim 100, USA 0, and democracy/human rights minus 100.


Putin is determined to show Russians and the rest of the world that democracy does not work, and that ordinary people cannot be trusted to choose good leaders. His exhibit number 1 is the current occupant. The current occupant has brought the USA’s moral standing in the world to a new low. Score another one for Putin. Before you vote ask the candidates where they stand on all of this.

—John H. Burns