Drive carefully in road construction areas.

This will seem like common sense to most people that read this, but I feel this needs to be explained to some. My goal is to educate, not badger, so hopefully that comes across.

We have been dealing with this year’s road construction for a while now, but driving in it is not new to most of us. Road construction is a fact of life, like anything else we don’t care to deal with.

The past two weeks we have observed a shocking lack of safe driving, with drivers failing to slow down and look at signs. Something about seeing the orange barricades seems to make some people forget that there are human beings out and caution is required.

Over the course of a week, we stopped many cars for running stop signs in the construction zone. Please be cautious in these areas. Signs are moved and/or added, so the normal right of ways may have changes. If you find the construction zones overwhelming or aggravating, the answer is not to speed up or ignore signage. The answer is to slow down and take a little extra time to look at what you are supposed to do.

The biggest thing that I worry about is a good driver, that is flustered or frustrated, hitting a construction work person. By not taking a bit more time, multiple lives are effected in a negative way.

Please be cautious in all construction zones. After this project is up, the 2020 road project will be upon us with work on many local streets. As I said above, road construction is a fact of life and it is always going on somewhere.

One other point of information I would like to pass along is helping semi-trucks and trailers through the construction zones. Stop signs have been pushed further back in some areas to help the semis make the tighter turns. If you are approaching an intersection and see a semi getting ready to enter, slow down and stop ahead of the intersection. They need a wide turn radius and their trailers will likely veer into the other lane a bit. This is why some of the stop signs have been set back from the intersections. If you drive right up to the intersection while the semi is turning you put your car at risk of getting hit.

Please keep it slow and observe the surroundings in works zones. Accidents do happen, but hopefully we can limit them as much as possible.