The deadline for donating funds to the Monte≠video Veterans Home Project is fast approaching.

The deadline for donating funds to the Monte­video Veterans Home Project is fast approaching. All funds must be donated no later than Aug. 31. Marvin Garbe, Chairman of the Veterans Home Committee explained: “At that time, we must submit our pledged amount to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.”

Additional funds totaling $707,000 are needed. “The reason for the additional funds is that we could not include the donated land from the city as part of our portion of the city’s funding pledge for the project. Fair Market Value with infrastructure on the land was estimated to be $707,000,” said Garbe.

As a result, $707,000 needs to be raised before the Aug. 31 deadline. Donations have been coming in steadily, but much more is needed.

Total square footage for the project will be determined from the total amount the city is able to pledge. The more money that is pledged, the larger the project can be. There is an extra incentive for people to think about when considering whether to donate. “Every dollar donated will be matched with two dollars from the federal government,” said Garbe.

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